7 Best Ways to Sleep Well and Beat Winter Tiredness

7 Best Ways to Sleep Well and Beat Winter Tiredness

Winters can be difficult, especially in the mornings. You just want to sleep and snuggle into your bed during those gloomy mornings and snooze away, not wanting to work during the day. But this only delays your regular routine, as you just cannot stay in bed all the time. Here are some tips to beat the winter sluggishness. 

Get some sunlight

Winter days are shorter than summer days. This makes your body confused and your circadian rhythms might get affected. The lack of sunlight means that your brain produces more melatonin, driving you to sleep and feel tired throughout the day. Open your curtains to get whatever natural light is there in the mornings into your bedroom to get your day started. Try to work out outdoors, go for a walk when the sun is out, or sit outdoors. 

Go outdoors, be social

One way to beat winter tiredness is to engage in physical activity outdoors. It is always better when you have a workout partner or a walking partner, you can both keep each other motivated to explore and be there outside your house or office. You can also catch up with your friends for some morning coffee and breakfast, it will let you not only get rid of the gloomy feeling but also let you get some sunlight. 

Sleep well at the night

No one can help you with winter tiredness until and unless you get your seven to nine hours of nighttime sleep. Getting enough quality sleep helps you stay positive and feel productive throughout the day. When you do not get enough sleep regularly, be it any weather, you will feel tired and moody all day long. To sleep well during the winters, try Livpure’s reversible comforter, which can take you from a cold wintery night’s sleep to a warm winter paradise where you dream of the spring. Livpure’s reversible comforter can handle most Indian winter weather and give you a night of peaceful rest. 

Regular exercise

Winters are a great time to exercise- now you cannot complain of those hot sweaty summer days when you cannot go and get some exercise. During winters, just warm up at home and go for a run or jog outdoors, engage in some team sport, and find other outdoor activities. This keeps you energized during the day and gives you good sleep during the night. 

Sleep, Relax, take a break

Because the days are shorter, you might get stressed about finishing your work during the daytime within fewer hours. This might be the reason that you are feeling tired and not able to sleep properly during the night. Beat this stress by engaging in meditation, picking up some hobby, and winding down every day before you go to bed. 

Eat right

Not being healthy can affect your energy levels during the day. During winters, try to ditch starchy food during the day that makes you feel more sleepy. Instead, try having winter vegetables and fruits, salads, etc. 

Control your room temperature and Sleep Well

If you are using a heater for your room, there is a temptation to crank it up and have a nice and hot room to sleep in. But during the night, high temperatures can make it difficult to sleep. Same with very low temperatures. Keep your room temperatures to an optimal 18 to 22 degrees for good sleep and a better day after. 

Winters can understandably be very difficult and sad. But with these tips, you can keep your energy levels high, sleep better and conquer that winter tiredness. With just a few tweaks in your lifestyle, say bye to winter gloominess and welcome an active routine. 


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