6 Foods that you should definitely avoid this summer!

6 Foods that you should definitely avoid this summer!

With temperatures soaring this summer, we need to up our intake of water, natural juices, fresh fruits, and vegetables to stay healthy and avoid the risk of dehydration. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 to 3 litres of clean and pure water every day to deal with the heat. Not only does it flush out toxins but it also keeps your body hydrated and ensures that all your organs function optimally.

Your diet in summer is very important because it helps your body deal with the heat. High temperatures can make you irritable, exhausted, and cause other health problems. Here is a list of 6 foods that you need to avoid in summer in order to stay healthy during summer.


1) Meat

Yes, we know that you love your meat but it is recommended that you reduce your consumption of meat during summer because your body has a tough time trying to assimilate protein in this climate. Red meat especially is known to increase body temperatures. Go easy on the seafood as well because it is a common cause of food poisoning in summer.


2) Alcohol

A chilled glass of beer seems like a great way to beat the heat, but may not be such a good idea because alcohol generates heat in your body. It causes your body temperature to shoot up and leaves you feeling hot and flustered. Instead, make sure you tank up on a lot of water and fresh juices that will keep your body well-hydrated.


3) Mangoes

Mango, commonly known as “King of Fruits” is a summer staple in most Indian homes. From milkshakes and mango flavoured ice creams to aamras, mango can be consumed in a variety of ways. But make sure you don’t binge and overeat this delicious fruit because mango contains a lot of fibre in it and overeating can cause diarrhea. It also generates a lot of heat in your body and can make you unwell.

spicy food

4) Spicy food

Do you love spicy food? If yes, you must try to reduce your intake of spice during summer because it heats up your body from the inside by increasing the rate of metabolism and causing a thermogenic effect on the body. Spices include chilies, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, and others.


5) Caffeine

Most of us cannot do without multiple cups of tea or coffee on a daily basis. Caffeine along with giving you a boost of energy generates heat in the body and dehydrates your body as well. During summer, you can substitute your tea or coffee with iced tea, buttermilk, or fresh juice. If you cannot do without your daily cups then limit your intake to 2 or 3 cups of tea or coffee per day.

Dry Fruits

6) Dry fruits

All of us know that dry fruits are beneficial for us because they are an excellent source of nutrients. But in summer you might want to reduce your intake of dry fruits because cashews, almonds, walnuts, and other dry fruits generate a lot of heat in the body and can make you uncomfortable.


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