6 Food to Eat Before Going To Sleep

6 Food to Eat Before Going To Sleep

Some say you should not eat anything before you hit your bed. But how many of us can not resist that urge to sneak out of bed and munch on food. For all those midnight cravings there are some foods that are delicious and healthy. The best part is these food items can even help you catch ZZZs naturally. Poor choice of snacks at night can disrupt your sleep by making you comfortable and gastric. Therefore, what you eat before you sleep makes a huge difference. Healthy and nutritious food can help increase serotonin or melatonin and encourage us to have a sound sleep. 

Here are some foods that help induce sleep:

1. Have some bananas before sleep


Fruits as we know are really healthy and tasty snacks for our sweet cravings. Bananas are great sources of carbohydrates that fill you up without making you feel too full. They are packed with magnesium that helps induce melatonin in the body. Moreover, a banana is a handy snack for midnight cravings as you can simply peel and eat. 

2. Almonds & walnuts

almonds and walnuts

Almonds & walnuts are great options when it comes to healthy snacks. These are filled with nutrients and healthy fats. Full of fiber and antioxidants, almonds are extremely healthy for you. While walnuts are a good source of healthy fats. Both of these nuts are highly recommended for good sleep as they induce melatonin. 

3. Kiwi


Another fruit that is good to eat before going to sleep is kiwi. Low in calories and vitamin-rich, kiwi is the perfect fruit to make you fall asleep. This vitamin C-rich fruit promotes digestion and reduces cholesterol and inflammation. It is one of the best food to have before going to sleep. 

4. Turkey


This protein-rich meat is delicious and healthy. It is a good source of vitamins and nutrients. Eating turkey notably makes you feel drowsy. Hence, it is one of those food items that promote sleepiness. 

5. Drink a glass of milk before sleep

glass of milk

Milk is a drink but it is quite filling, making it a good snack. If you are avoiding dairy-based products then you can even have plant-based milk. Look for milk with high calcium and nutritious value to substitute for your glass of milk. 

6. White rice

For all those of you who love eating rice, there’s good news. Yes, white rice can make you feel sleepy faster. Rich in carbohydrates makes you feel full and restful easily. The high glycemic index in white rice is what makes you fall asleep faster. A cup of rice is a healthy portion to have in your dinner for better sleep.

Include these foods in your diet to have a goodnight's sleep. Go give this a try!


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