6 Festive Foods To Avoid Before Sleeping

6 Festive Foods To Avoid Before Sleeping

After a long sabbatical from festivities due to the pandemic, we are all finally geared up to celebrate this year’s festive season with great zeal and enthusiasm. With the festive season ahead of us, we can’t wait to get started. All the excitement and anticipation around – what to wear, Where to go, and a lot of delicious foods. 

However, all this excitement and unhealthy eating can affect our sleep patterns around this time and can hamper our sleep and health. So, what to do? Let’s find a balanced way to have fun and at the same time, manage a healthy lifestyle. 

Do you know there are certain foods that can interrupt your healthy sleep pattern? Interruption in your sleep can make you feel tired easily, cause trouble to your digestion, and can disturb your overall health.

We have listed a few foods that you must avoid if you want to interrupt your slumber: 

soft drink

1. Soft drink/Caffeinated drinks -

With all the hustle and running during this festive season, we often reach out for easy-to-pick store-bought drinks. These drinks are often packed with caffeine and high sugar content. Consuming too much caffeine can definitely cause interruptions in your slumber. Avoid these drinks at least 2 hours before going to bed. 


2. Sweets/Sugary treats -

Mithais and sweets are a big part of the festive eating spree. But they are a complete no-no when it comes to sleep. Sugary treats have a notorious reputation when it comes to nap time. It spikes the sugar and insulin levels in your blood, making you alert, and conscious, and disturbing you during your snoozing hours. 


3. Greasy or buttery or fat-rich foods - 

Can you imagine any festive food menu with deep-fried pakoras and cream-heavy gravies? These heavy and rich foods can make your stomach work up and can make you stay up late at night.

woman drinking milk

4. Milk -

A part of every Indian dessert and dish, milk can be an obstacle between you and your bedtime. Milk has the tendency to interfere with digestion, especially if you are lactose intolerant. It’s best to avoid having milk at night. 

spicy food

5. Spicy food -

As Indians, most of us love to eat spicy food. Although chilies are healthy but spicy food can make your stomach upset and disturb your sleep at night.


6. Meat or animal protein -

While we all love gorging all the delicious curry, biryani, and kebabs during celebrations. We need to watch out. Eating too much meat and animal protein can again take a longer time to digest and hence, may interfere with your slumber. 

So, how do you enjoy all the festive food around you? Well, you can some melatonin-rich foods like berries, salmon, eggs, and nuts to induce better sleep. Hope with this in mind you make sure to enjoy the festivities while keeping your health a priority. 


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