6 Facts About Sleep and Your Valentine

6 Facts About Sleep and Your Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are sure you were looking forward to spending this day with your honey. Buying gifts, arranging romantic dates and maybe a proposal is on the cards. But what after all the celebration of romance? You need to have a night of sound sleep with your soulmate, right? Know more facts about sleeping with a partner while you destress at the end of the day and read on. You might just sleep better after reading some fun facts! 

Facts about sleeping with your love

  1. Only about 80% of couples sleep on the same bed mattress. A mattress is not shared by 20% of pairs. A number of the explanations for separate sleeping quarters in partnerships include sleep disorders or snoring, opposing work and sleep schedules, and couples being unable to agree on what makes up the right mattress – a soft sleep surface or a harder one? Livpure solves this problem with not only hybrid mattresses that take care of all different sleeping needs but also a 5-inch reversible foam mattress- Vital, which you and your partner can reverse and use on different days and compromise on others. 
  1. More people sleep better together than apart. Although not all couples share a bed, more people report sleeping better with their partner, than without. Sleep researchers have concluded that this is often because of the endorphins that are released due to cuddling up along with your love, outweighing the annoyances of snoring, tossing and turning, or the other disturbances that may occur when sleeping with a partner. But if you are concerned about your partner’s tossing and turning, consider buying Livpure’s ortho mattress made of memory foam- it eliminates motion transfer from your partner. 
  1. Having a television in the bedroom means less intimacy. One study discovered that couples that keep a television in their room have half the amount of sexual intimacy as those without one. If you see that not having the ability to see TV in bed could be a deal-breaker, your best bet is to merely say no to marathon Netflix sessions, and limit YouTube time to be sure that you’re staying connected with your partner- Valentine’s Day or not!
  1. Sleep disorder treatment can improve your relationship. Nighttime disturbances don’t only mean less sleep, it can even cause both partners to have their own irritating days, leading to more arguments and less overall happiness. Sleep studies have shown that if one partner is having apnea and that they seek treatment, it ends up in higher levels of satisfaction for both parties. That’s a win-win situation!
  1. Lack of sleep can result in less passion. It has been reported that nearly 30% of couples are so tired from lack of quality sleep that they lost their drive. And that is bad for love! Making sleep a priority not only boosts your energy during the day but also helps you to remain connected together with your partner after work.
  1. Chocolate can cause sleep disturbances. If you’re one of the various people that plan to romance your partner with something sweet this Valentine’s Day, you need to make sure that it’s not something that is keeping them from getting the good quality of sleep that they have and deserve. When it involves blissful bedtimes, not all chocolate is good for you equally! The milk variety seems your best bet because it packs less cocoa. Chocolate bars also have caffeine. It is therefore best to stay away from sugary treats. Instead, have a light snack or no-sugar bar. 

sleep together is sweet for you

Here are five good facts about sleeping on the same bed with your partner. 

Better immunity

People who share their bed with their lovers and get physically intimate more often have a far better immunity compared to those that don’t, suggests many types of research. Partners who were intimate on a daily basis fall sick rarely. Whether or not you simply cuddle, intimacy improves your immunity by strengthening your T-cells.

Release of happy hormones

Sharing your bed along with your partner and hugging them or holding them during sleep increases the serotonin and dopamine in your body. These two are known to be mood lifters and might help lower stress and feelings of sadness.

Falling asleep faster

Sleeping along with your partner means lower stress, which successively ensures you go to sleep faster. Did you recognize that how quickly you go to sleep also is important for your sleep health? Since overthinking is rare after we are in the arms of somebody we love, it's easier to quickly go to sleep, which further is sweet for your overall health.

Lowered BP levels

Sleeping with someone you like is nice for your blood pressure. Physical intimacy is understood to increase oxytocin levels of one’s body. A rise in oxytocin means a healthy decrease in vital signs, suggests research. By taking care of your vital sign levels, sharing your bed with someone will help you prevent chances of cardiovascular diseases, and thus make sure you live an extended and happy life.

Improved sleep quality

There are a lot of ways of enhancing your sleep quality and improving your patterns. Out of those ways, the ones that get the importance include sleeping on time, bettering your sleep environment, eating healthier, reducing screen time, and exercising. But did you know, sleeping together with your partner contributes greatly to your sleep quality? In keeping with psychologists, those who share their beds with their partners report less occurrence of nightmares or interrupted sleep.

Final thoughts

Now that you just realize these numerous benefits of sleeping with your love, it's time to take a position about a mattress that's designed keeping the requirement of couples in mind. Livpure’s memory foam mattresses are optimally constructed to reduce motion transfer. It'll absorb the movement of one partner and completely isolate it so that the opposite partner isn't jostled out of sleep. By doing so, the ortho mattress will give the two of you a zero disturbance sleep. The mattress is additionally hypoallergenic and ensures that both you and your partner are protected against allergens of all types. The mattress comes with an outer cover that will be removed easily and washed as and when, further improving the hygiene of your bedroom. 

Celebrate this Valentine’s day by giving your sweetheart some peaceful sleep- after all, they only deserve the best of the best. 

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