5 Tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

5 Tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

If the hot summer months are upon your head or fast approaching, it becomes all the more critical for you to stay hydrated during pregnancy. However, remember that only clean and safe water will offer you and your baby the nourishment for a healthy pregnancy.

All you need to do is invest in a good RO water purifier that cleans water thoroughly of all kinds of impurities, such as chemicals, microorganisms, heavy metals, and more. Then, you can enjoy the following benefits of proper hydration –

  • Optimal body temperature regulation
  • Clear and soft skin
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced chances of constipation
  • Reduced risk of infections of the urinary tract
  • Reduced risk of pre-term labour or birth

If you’re not facing any complications, it’s a good sign indicating safe levels of water consumption. However, refrain from relying on packaged mineral water. Stick to the best RO in India to offer you the necessary nourishment.

Drink at least eight to 12 glasses of this clean water daily, and if your bathroom trips increase and the urine’s color is slightly pale or colorless, you’re doing good.

An interesting truth is that the little baby growing inside of you is 75% water. That percentage can fall to 65% in the first year of life as your baby develops before leveling off between 57 and 60% when they reach maturity,

Where did you get all that water? It originates from the liquids you consume. This confirms how crucial it is to stay hydrated during pregnancy. It is essential for both your health and that of your unborn child. Here are five suggestions for drinking clean water while pregnant to help you stay hydrated during pregnancy.

  • Drink eight cups of clean and safe water every day

Clean water keeps the blood properly hydrated, which makes the heart's job of pumping blood easier. While pregnant, it lowers the risk of cramps, strains, and circulation issues by oxygenating the muscles and organs. Clean water also aids in the body's defense against uncomfortable urinary tract infections. Enough water consumption during pregnancy also aids in balancing the hormone surge that makes your skin more delicate and vulnerable to itchiness, tightness, and stretch marks.

Your water intake also affects your baby's health and growth. The amount of amniotic fluid around your baby can actually be affected by how much water you consume. The amount of liquids your baby needs to be healthy increases as he or she develops. This amniotic fluid aids in the growth of your unborn child and acts as a barrier to shield it in the womb, keeping it warm and healthy. Birth abnormalities and even miscarriages can result from low amniotic fluid.

We advise consuming at least eight cups of water daily. Before you do anything else in the morning, try consuming two cups. Take two more cups with lunch and dinner. Carry a water bottle with you and hydrate yourself throughout the day to fill in the gaps.

  • Don't wait to drink till you are thirsty.

How much water should a pregnant woman consume?

You're already slightly dehydrated if you're thirsty. Your body shouldn't get to this point. To ensure that you get the least eight cups of water required for a healthy body and a successful pregnancy, remember to drink throughout the day.

In the winter, it's equally crucial to drink lots of clean and safe water while pregnant. Summertime requires very little effort to drink water since you are encouraged to stay cool. However, when the weather gets colder, it could be more difficult for you to consume enough healthy water. Instead of seeking water, you might be craving warm beverages like coffee and tea. We advise consuming warm water with a squeeze of lemon to sate your cravings and get the healthy water you require. It simultaneously nourishes and satisfies.

  • Consume hydrating foods

Water can also be obtained from the food you consume. 90% of the weight of most fruits and vegetables is water. In other words, 1.5 cups of fruit or 2 cups of veggies can make almost 2 cups of water! In order to make sure you consume enough water, it's a good idea to eat a variety of healthful foods including spinach, kale, apples, and oranges. These foods can assist in making up for a deficiency in water in your diet, but they cannot replace it. Still, you must consume eight cups of water daily.

  • Flavour your healthy water

For breakfast, consider preparing a fruit and vegetable smoothie. It's an easy way to add more vitamins, minerals, and water to your diet each day while still enjoying wonderful food.

Sometimes more is required than just clean and safe water. Thus, the thought of drinking only water may occasionally make you uneasy. What should you do in these circumstances? Why not drink flavor-infused water?

Even though it's advised to drink only plain mineral water for the majority of the day, there are a few occasions when an exception can be made. If you choose flavour-infused water, make sure it is organically sweetened.

Orange, lime, or watermelon infusions can be used to improve the flavour of the water. Herbs that provide a modest flavor increase might also be used. However, watch your intake of mineral water as packaged water still contains pollutants that might be more harmful than beneficial.

  • Find the right temperature of the water

A cool beverage is actually enjoyable on a hot day. A steaming mug of tea on a freezing winter day is similar. Even though they may feel amazing, we advise against drinking cold or hot beverages—at least until your baby is delivered.

Your body will not be as shocked by mineral water that is between 50°F (cold) and 98.6°F as it will be by, for example, freezing water (32°F) or hot coffee (140°F). Pregnant women already struggle with morning sickness. You have a higher chance of developing stomach pain, which can make you feel nauseated if you drink water that is excessively hot or cold. Wait for a little before treating yourself to that extra-long caramel latte; you can reward yourself after your baby is born.

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