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5 Things to Check When Comparing Water Purifiers

Concerned about the quality of drinking water at your home? Worried exposure to impurities and harmful contaminants present in the tap water may jeopardize the health of your loved ones? Invest in a water purifier. Incorporated with a multi-stage filtration system, the mechanism is effective in removing toxins and other perilous pollutants present in household water to ensure total protection.

But wait! How to shortlist a product which is just right? Given the market is swamped with countless models making tall claims about their ability to provide 100% safe drinking water, the selection process can be overwhelming. It’s, therefore, essential to check certain things before purchasing the best domestic water purifier in India for your home.

Here are five things you must take into account when making a water purifier comparison

1. Determine the Quality of Water :

For starters, determine the source of the water supplied to your home and the different kinds of impurities present in it. This will help you figure out which type of water purifier is best for your exact needs. Activated carbon filters remove chlorine, heavy metals and harmful pesticides from the water. If tap water contains a high concentration of microbes and pathogens, the ultraviolet purifier is effective in disinfecting bacteria/virus. However, if there are high amounts of Total Dissolved Solids, a reverse osmosis water purifier is a good choice. It also absorbs pungent and foul taste from water. For the most basic water purification, the gravity-based units with UF filtration are recommended.

2. Storage Capacity :

Water purifiers come with storage tanks. You should have a fairly good idea about the daily water consumption pattern and kitchen usage of your family. Opt for a unit that has ample capacity to ensure there is sufficient drinking water available at all times, especially in the event of a power cut. Also, don’t forget to check the quality of the storage tank. A transparent and detachable tank crafted from food grade plastic is safe, durable, scratch-resistant, and hygienic. Besides showing the level of stored water, it can be cleaned easily without the help of a technician.

3. Design of Water Purifier :

Water purifiers can be mounted on the wall, placed on the kitchen counter or fitted under the sink. The wall mounted, and tabletop units are aesthetically appealing and save space in the kitchen. They come with a storage tank that allows you to stock water for situations like an outage in the house. The under sink water purifiers, installed below the kitchen counter, are hidden from view. Their faucet for the flow of purified drinking water is placed next to your kitchen tap. Compare the various models and choose as per your kitchen dimensions or personal preference.

4. Check for Certification :

Make sure to purchase a filter which has got the appropriate certification. This ensures that the selected brand is authentic. Not to mention, it verifies that the filtration system is in compliance with the strict standards and has undergone rigorous testing for performance. Simply put, certification assures the efficacy of the product in eliminating hazardous contaminants, pollutants, and impurities as claimed.

5. Warranty and After Sales Service :

Remember that a water purifier is a machine that can develop a glitch at some point. Hence, look for a brand that offers a comprehensive warranty. Also, make sure the company has an on-ground presence and provides an excellent after sale service alongside good technical support. It will come in handy if faced with any possible issues in the future.

Installing a water purifier is a serious matter since the health of you and your family is on the line. It’s thus vital to pick the best water purifier in India for home use. Failing to make the right choice might bring regret later on. It’s not hard; assess your requirements carefully and do some research to nail a unit that fits the bill perfectly.

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