5 Super Comfy Bed Date Ideas

5 Super Comfy Bed Date Ideas

The regular going out for dinner, dancing, and movies for date night get rusty and boring after a few rounds, especially when the movie theatres are shut down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and you have been regularly ordering from your favorite restaurant's delivery menu. You cannot always get out to walk around in the park or roads or do much of any outdoor activities due to the virus and busy schedules. Finding time to connect and show some love to your partner or a new love interest in a private setting is hard enough without having to come up with outings or activities that are as unique as your love for each other. At-home dates are there to remind you that a loving relationship does not need expensive dates or artificial settings, as you can do it right at your home or in your comfy bed. 

They are quarantine friendly as well as perfect for people who do not like going out much or have very busy lifestyles. It is also suitable when you are totally in love but your pocket is light. Some of these date ideas are totally free, some need a little touch of creativity, and everything is there to foster your love for one another. 

Set up a party for two

Dinner dates and partying like you used to go out for during your younger years becomes more and more difficult once you have a family to take care of, children, and many responsibilities. That does not mean you should cut short on your date nights. You need some fun to keep your relationship alive. Spice up your evening with some dinner and drinks, reminiscing about your favorite pub days.

Play some party music, dim down the lights, maybe even get dressed for one another. Search online for some cocktail recipes you always thought of having, and pour down the drinks. The best part about drinking at home? You do not have to worry about driving back anywhere. Just take your drinks to the comfy bed and enjoy your time together. 

Game night on Comfy bed

Game nights are usually easy to organize and fun. The competitiveness between partners increases excitement and love. You can play various kinds of games- with some snacks and wine. It hardly requires any money and has the full dose of love you expect on date nights. There are many games available for partners like card games, ludo, chess, backgammon, monopoly, scrabble, Uno, couple trivia games, adult board games, etc.

If nothing, you can just play truth or dare and see the level of heat rising between you two lovebirds. You might end up spending some money on snacks, drinks, and maybe dinner, but you anyway do it on a regular day, so it should not hurt much. This date night idea is practically free! And the best part- you can do this right on your bed, no need to go anywhere. 


Set up a mattress and some blankets and pillows outside or on a roof, and set up a night of stargazing. Sometimes silence with your partner can be really comfortable, and when it is not, you will feel like talking about everything under the stars. Stars and night sky feel especially romantic on a clear, cool night. This is one date night you can organize without even stepping out of your home and spending any money or some money on snacks and drinks. 

Movie night on Comfy Bed

If you are planning an at-home movie night, it is simple and low-cost. All you would like is the movie and a few snacks bedtime tea or drinks. The trick to the movie date, especially if your usual time pass thing is to spend your free time in front of your TV, is to elevate it by making it special and different from the normal day. Here are some ideas for achieving that perfect date night: 

  • Set the scene with many blankets and pillows or maybe a mattress on the ground. Your bed or mattress should feel cozy and ready to cuddle in. 
  • Have plenty of fun snacks, like candy you normally wouldn’t eat but might find at the movies. Let this be a cheat day for you and your partner. 
  • Don’t forget the popcorn. You'll keep it plain or try a gourmet popcorn recipe like these from all those recipe videos on Youtube. Caramel and butter popcorn is delicious! 
  • As for the selection of movies, watch something you wouldn’t when the youngsters are around. For instance, if you are watching movies with kids, you would go for their favorite ones. Try something adult only! 
  • Make it a themed movie, like by watching a movie from the time you grew up in or the first-date movie you saw together.

Spa time!

A spa night or a couples massage at a good place is a worthwhile indulgence, but it is also an expensive one. When your pocket feels a little light and still wants that relaxing spa feel, try recreating one at home. Plus, doing it at home is an excellent idea during times of pandemic as it lessens outside contact. You can get a little adventurous and ambitious with this one as well. 

There is no cost for the place, so you can include one service or more here. Some ideas include facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, and a special bath for two. Make your spa night extra special with spa food. Take turns to treat and service one another and enjoy a romantic night. 

When you date on the comfy bed, you need a Livpure Mattress!

There is nothing on the market that is more cozy, comfortable, and cuddle worthy than a Livpure mattress. Livpure mattresses- whether you choose a high resilience foam one, a memory foam mattress, a latex mattress, or a natural foam mattress, come with a mattress protector. Why do you need a mattress protector? For those accidental spillages and food crumbs from your date night, you will save your mattress from any long-term damage. You can just wash it whenever you please. Additionally, with all those soft pillows and comforters that you require to make your comfy bed date cozy, you will get it all on Livpure!

The bottom line

The only thing left to say here is- you do not need a lot of money and splurging to show some love. Especially during these pandemic times, try these at-home date ideas right from the comfort of your bed and using resources from home to have a romantic night with your partner.

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