5 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Bottled Water

5 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Bottled Water

Feeling skeptical about drinking tap water? Thinking it's unsafe and contaminated? While it's true that water in most cities may contain some traces of pollutants, it's safer to stay hydrated all day.

On the other hand, thinking bottled water means healthier is a common notion that stands true for many. But is it? Sure, it has become a convenience or status symbol for some. But it's far from the truth.

Besides, drinking bottled water is terrible news for plenty of reasons. To tip you off, here is a list of the top five reasons to stay clear of bottled water.

Negatives of Drinking Bottled Water

Marketing campaigns illustrate that bottled water is cleaner, healthier, crisper and tastier than regular tap water. So, people consider it of higher and better value. The consumption of plastic water bottles is about to hit half a trillion.

But, in reality, bottled water is just filtered water. Moreover, the negative impact of using bottle water is blinding. It's pricey, wasteful and moot from the vantage point of public health.

Still on the fence? Let's help you out with it.

1. Bottles Pollute the Environment

One of the top reasons to avoid drinking bottled water is to protect the environment. Plastic waste is a more significant issue than one might think. Marketers make you believe that water bottles are recyclable. But it's not like it appears.

Most of these bottles go into a landfill – nearly 60 million plastic bottles daily. Besides, recyclable bottles are comparable to a myth. Only a small percentage of PET bottles get recycled and used to make new plastic bottles, approximately 4%. These plastic bottles also release contaminants into the environment as they degrade. Hence, nothing good comes out of using plastic bottles.

2. Adversely Affects Your Health

The top reason for the popularity of bottled water is health consciousness. Nowadays, most people want to make healthier choices and stay fit, which is reasonable. But they end up making the worst choice due to ignorance. How? They overlook plastic bottles are a menace.

Even if the water passes through a water purifier, letting it sit in BPA-laced bottles runs the risk of plastic breaking down and merging with the water. Likewise, recyclable PET plastic bottles also come with health risks. Chemicals known as phthalates have the potential to leach from plastic into the water. In the end, you're getting unsafe water from bottles.

3. Maybe Contaminated

Other reasons to avoid drinking bottled water? While most bottled water is likely safe, the industry doesn't have an impeccable track record.

Surprisingly, it's not mandatory for bottled water firms to conduct lab tests or update consumers on where their water originates. As a result, it might be loaded with bacteria, arsenic, and other synthetic products beyond the permissible limits.

By that token, regular RO water is safe than bottled water. Also, certain studies concluded that some companies use tap water when their label says Spring Water. You might think you're drinking mineral water, but it is nothing more than tap water.

4. Surges Water and Energy Consumption

Did you know it takes more water to produce a plastic bottle than water filled in? It is almost 3 times, adding another disadvantage of bottled water. The making of a plastic bottle, as well as its delivery, leaves a massive carbon footprint.

Recyclable bottles made using petroleum products (PET) entail more fossil fuels for production and transport. Numbers indicate 17 million barrels of oil for yearly producing water bottles in the US alone, which is enough to fuel over 100,000 cars a year. No joke!

5. Burns Hole in Your Pocket

Bottled water is expensive, and you already know it. What you need to realise is how much more expensive it is compared to regular water. According to some estimates, bottled water is nearly 2,000 times the price of a gallon of tap water, especially if you tend to buy single-serve plastic bottles.

In context, it costs almost three times the nationwide average for a gallon of milk. Wild, right?

It is interesting, given that bottled water is often filtered tap water. So, essentially, you are not only paying for bottled water; you are paying for contaminated water from plastic and also paying to pollute the planet.

In that sense, tap water isn't technically free but inexpensive, especially compared to pricey bottles. When you drink faucet water, it only costs you a small fraction of your water bill, and that's it. Spending money on plastic bottled water which isn't giving as much value, is wasting money.

Smart Ways to Get Safe Drinking Water

The opinion that bottled water is more convenient, safer and healthier than drinking tap water is incorrect. Numbers show that 25% of the bottle-marketed water is straight-up tap water and isn't get filtered in any way. But you might never know it as its source is unknown, and there is no way to confirm it. Solution? Resort to better ways of getting safe drinking water. Make a reusable water bottle part of your life and take it everywhere you go!

Installing a RO water purifier at home for tap water is another way to do it. Reverse osmosis filtration can transform even hard water, making it safe and pleasant to drink. The top brands of water purifier provide you with the purest, most refreshing water right in your home.

A mineral water purifier ensures you know the source, and you know that the water is filtered and healthy for drinking. So don't get duped by these bottled water companies. Choose what's good for the planet and your health. Moreover, finding RO in best price is easy.

Just ask the right questions, research a bit and find brands like Livpure water purifiers to get access to clean water. These simple changes can create a huge impact. It's time to do better for your health and better for the environment by shifting to more eco-friendly and healthy options to quench your thirst.


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