5 Benefits of Drinking Water

5 Benefits of Drinking Water

According to the ancient alternative medicine system, Ayurveda, water is the body's protector, which provides it with the most primary nourishment.  In fact, Ayurveda even suggests that drinking water first thing in the morning, or the practice of Ushapanplays a crucial role in removing toxins and diseases from the body. All of this mainly happens through cleansing the intestines or the gut.

Since all cells and organs depend upon water to function smoothly, drinking adequate amounts daily is crucial. But let's dive a little deeper. Listed below are 5 benefits of drinking water.

 1. Water Acts as Your Body's Lubricant

Saliva, which helps in the smooth movement of food through the body, primarily consists of water and mucus. Not only that, but water is also the fluid that surrounds the joints and provides optimal lubrication for smooth movement.

If you drink less water than the prescribed daily intake, your joints will become stiffer and cause severe pain. Another fantastic fact is that water acts as the body's shock absorber. This function is extremely important for the spinal cord and brain as nerve cells become more sensitive and do not enter a state of shock while walking or running.

2.The Digestive System is Entirely Dependent on It

One of the top uses of water can be observed through the dependence of the digestive system. And one cannot overlook the significance of the digestive system. Water supports this process right from its start to finish.

It helps in maintaining optimal gut health and microbiome. At the same time, water facilitates the smooth movement of waste through the body for elimination, thereby promoting regularity. Even the food we chew is moistened through water, making it easier to swallow.

Adequate water, preferably warm water a little before meals, makes the process faster.

3. Skin Complexion Improves

While many people avail of the benefits of water in restoring a youthful glow through external face packs and ubtanit is equally true that consuming sufficient water daily works wonders for skin health.

Staying well-hydrated maintains the skin's natural elasticity. It is also found that people who consume good amounts of water are less likely to suffer from soft lines, wrinkles, scars, and other signs of ageing.

Since water plays a predominant role in eliminating toxins from the body, this renders your skin a fresh and youthful glow. The secret behind this is improved blood flow and circulation.

4. Water Aids in Weight Loss

Have you heard about the natural remedy of consuming honey and lemon with a warm glass of water for weight loss first thing in the morning? While many attribute it all to honey and lemon, few know about the benefits of water in weight loss.

When on an empty stomach, water, mainly warm water, flushes out toxins quickly from the body. In most cases, toxins accumulate over time and get deposited as excess fat. However, there are other ways also in which water aids in weight loss. For instance – consuming water sometimes before meals can help suppress your appetite in a good way.

Walking after meals, when combined with warm water, accelerates the process of calorie burning.

5. Your Body's Temperature Regulation Rests upon Adequate Water Consumption

The skin's middle layers store water, which comes up to the surface in the form of sweat due to excessive body heat. As this water (sweat) evaporates, your body begins to cool down.

Now, imagine if you did not have sufficient water in your system. In case of intense exercise, your body may be unable to cope with the severe physical strain because there is no proper way for the heat to escape.

But consuming adequate amounts of water leads to less physical strain during an intense workout.

All Water is Not Equal

Now that we have discussed the many advantages of water, it is also crucial to mention that consuming any water will not help. Municipal water is full of contaminants that threaten to impact your health negatively. Therefore, you must invest in the best water filter.

Even regarding the advantage of water purifier, remember that carbon filtration and UV or UF filtration may only be able to remove some kinds of contaminants, not all, especially toxic heavy metals. This not only makes the water unsafe but also affects its taste.

Are you noticing that your water tastes funny – a little too sweet or salty, bitter, chemical-like, or just odd in general? Then, it clearly indicates that it's time to bring home a new purifier!

Invest in your family's health by purchasing an RO water purifier. In this purification system, the water usually passes through seven intense stages of filtration that render it clean, tasty, and pure. Besides that, a good RO purifier will also keep all essential minerals intact through an in-built mineraliser.

As a result, it even covers the benefits of mineral water. So, enjoying all the above benefits rests on using the best water purifier. Besides that, it also rests on the proper daily resource intake.

Ideally, you should consume as per the famous 8x8 rule, which means eight glasses of eight-ounce water daily. This would amount to an estimated two litres every day. The amount may vary a little for men and women, the latter being able to function well on 1.6 to 1.8 litres a day.

Livpure Water Purifier Takes Care of Your Health

Want an advanced Drinking Water UF + RO + UV water purifier that purifies water through an intense seven-stage purification system? Then, let Livpure take care of your requirements! With a spill-proof tap and an in-built mineraliser, the advanced water purifier will ensure you enjoy clean and tasty water with every glass.

This water purifier is best-suited for places with TDS levels beyond 2000. It can be used to purify hard and soft water and takes care of the needs of a nuclear family. So, what are you waiting for? The best purifier is waiting for you to take! Secure your family's health today.

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