5 Benefits of Drinking RO water

5 Benefits of Drinking RO water

It is well-known that safe and sufficient drinking water has a significant role in human health. It’s not a big secret that there are some bacteria and viruses that can be alive in the groundwater, or even in the air. The most known reason for being sick is dirty water, so you should be aware and purify your water before consumption. Nowadays, most people are suffering from the drinking water issue. They are missing out on the quality of drinking water. The reason behind this is the lack of a proper water system in their home. They have to drink contaminated or unhygienic water which leads to lots of health problems. Therefore, installing a water purification system at home is essential to lead a healthy and disease-free life. RO water purifier is a common choice when it comes to water purification systems used at home. 

What is a RO water purifier? 

RO water purifier is a system for purifying your drinking water and making it fit for consumption. It is highly beneficial for you in many ways. The word RO stands for reverse osmosis. It is a filtering process to make the water pure and free from any kind of impurities. RO purification system is a machine that turns salt water into pure water. It does this by passing the water through a semi-permeable membrane that filters out all harmful contaminants and impurities like viruses, germs, bacteria, heavy metals and other toxic substances. RO machines are competent in tackling salts and heavy metals in the water. It also helps in enhancing the taste of the water by thorough purification of salt content. 

Top 5 Benefits of Drinking RO Water 

Water purifiers are an essential part of our lives now. Not only do they have a direct impact on our health but they also have a significant impact on our environment as well. With the use of water purifiers at home, people do not have to rely on store-bought water bottles that give rise to plastic waste. Moreover, they are also energy-efficient and help in conserving energy during water purification. At the same time, it supplies clean drinking water that is essential for our well-being. Livpure’s core goal is to give back to the environment, therefore we have worked on a unique HR70 technology that helps in saving up to 20,000 litres of water wastage. We believe in taking a conscious step towards a brighter future. 

The following are 5 Top RO benefits: 

Free of bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms

RO water is completely purified to get rid of any bacteria and disease-causing viruses. The water from the supply can come in contact with waste organic matter, soil, and other unhygienic conditions that can pollute the water. Bacteria and pathogens in the water are the main cause of water-borne diseases. There are several viruses and bacteria that can cause health risks to human beings. Cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid, amebiasis, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, giardiasis, campylobacteriosis, scabies, and worm infections are some of the diseases that are caused by bacteria present in water. The semi-permeable membrane in a RO machine effectively removes the bacteria and viruses from the water to provide clean and hygienic drinking water. 

Removal of dissolved solids

Water with very high TDS content is not only salty to taste but also harmful to health. Water from different sources can have different amounts of TDS levels. Borewell or underground water often have high arsenic, calcium, magnesium, sodium, nitrates, and other elements. This water is not fit for drinking if there are dissolved substances present. These particles are removed with the help of a water purifier, making the water safe to drink. RO systems are extremely effective in controlling the amount of TDS in drinking water. RO removes germs by pushing the water through a semi-permeable membrane with very small holes. High-quality RO screens may remove bacteria pretty well, but they also remove hard water.

Maintains healthy minerals

The purifying water is often believed to remove all the necessary minerals from the drinking water. On the contrary, current technology has advanced mechanisms to keep vital minerals in the water. Most high-end water purifier models in the market come with mineralizers to release essential minerals in the purifier water as a last step of purification. This improves the flavour and sweetness of the cleaned water. The advanced Mineral cartridge in Livpure RO water purifiers aids in the retention of essential minerals and offers health benefits. 

High storage capacity

RO water purifiers from Livpure have a high storage capacity that can hold enough purifier water for a family. Good water storage capacity ensures uninterrupted water flow throughout the day. 8-9 Litres of water holding capacity is great for a family of 4-5 members. 

Cost-effective and energy-efficient

With a high-quality water purifier, you can leave behind the worry of maintenance costs. They not only conserve water and electricity, but it is also more economical and safe than bottled water. Powerful water purification is likely to consume low electricity comparatively, helping to save a lot of money. 

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