10 Reasons Why Alkaline Water Is Better Than Plain Water

10 Reasons Why Alkaline Water Is Better Than Plain Water

Many people recommend you drink up to eight glasses of water every day. Staying hydrated has been associated with improved productivity, energy levels, clarity of thought, and mood throughout the day. Alkaline water has been known to have magical properties. It has been known to help improve bone, blood, and organ health.

Before we get into the benefits of Alkaline water, it’s important to understand what it exactly is.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water simply has higher potential hydrogen than regular drinking water. Alkaline substances are like salt, metal, and minerals that when mixed in water make it more basic.

The PH level of alkaline water is a little more than neutral. If you look at the PH scale, it may fall under the reading of 8 to 9. This is due to the higher amount of total dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

On the PH scale if we look at anything above the reading of 7 it will be considered alkaline. For example, the blood in your system has a value of 7.4 but soaps and bleach range from 12 to 13 in value.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Some common benefits of alkaline water are:

  1. May aid the treatment of diabetics: Alkaline water is said to reduce blood glucose levels and cholesterol. It is also said to improve the thickness of blood to ease the flow through the body. It is rich in antioxidants which help prevent many diseases. Antioxidants prevent the oxidation of fat. These fats are harmful to blood vessels. Published studies have proved that alkaline water can fight the action of oxidative elements that attack body tissues. This also helps the body age slower.
  2. Mineral rich: Alkaline water has a higher calcium, magnesium, and potassium concentration. These are essential minerals for your body. Some are responsible for bone health, teeth, or even hair.  Alkaline water also helps support our immune system by supplementing you with the necessary minerals.
  3. Oxygen rich: Oxygen plays an important role in our body and the cells inside it. The blood in the body carries the oxygen supply to the necessary cells. This ensures more energy for the body as oxygen can be considered one of the fuels of the body. This helps keep your metabolism on track and makes sure your nervous system is functioning well.
  4. Aids detoxification of the body: Alkaline water can also be considered a detox drink. Alkaline water helps reduce the build-up of mucus in the small and big intestine walls. This in turn helps the body absorb the necessary nutrients well while digestion takes place. The ionized solution rids the body of toxins and waste.
  5. Energizing: With so-called magical properties alkaline water is a source of abundant energy. The ions present in it increase energy levels and mental capability or clarity. It is also known to combat the effects of lactic acid build-up thus helping the body’s recovery after intense efforts.
  6. Helps maintain weight: Alkaline water increases your metabolism and reduces fatty tissues. Fatty tissues usually form around our organs, which is not good for you. The reduction of this harmful tissue helps the organs absorb nutrients during digestion.
  7. Reduced effects of pesticides: Most of the fresh fruit and vegetables that we consume are laced with pesticides. You might take precautions to wash and sterilize before consumption, but residues remain. Alkaline water helps neutralize these pesticides in the body thus reducing the harmful effects. In pregnant women, pesticides affect the development of the fetus and alkaline water can help combat this. If you aren’t comfortable consuming alkaline water, you may also wash your fruits and vegetables in it before cooking.
  8. Prevents hyperacidity: Due to the ph level, alkaline water is said to correct the acidity levels in the body in turn helping you reduce that painful burn. Acidity can be caused by many things like stress and irregular eating habits but, there is a counter out there for you!
  9. Hydrating: Water is made up of clusters of arranged molecules. To make it simpler, tap water has about 12 to 15 molecule clusters. Alkaline water breaks electrical links between the molecules thus rearranging them into clusters of 4 to 6 molecules. The reduced size of water clusters in alkaline water ensures that the water effectively penetrates the body’s organs when ingested.
  10. Cleansing: Alkaline water helps eliminate waste and toxins stored in the body. Over time this can be harmful to the body and lead to health issues. Alkaline water is a natural cleanser and helps purify the body.

About Livpure

You can make alkaline water at home, but the process can be tedious and you will need to measure components accurately so that it does not cause your body any harm. There are many companies out there that sell water purifiers that can help you with this. Livpure is a company that has many types of water purifiers available that offer a host of health benefits.

Their Envy alkaline water purifier removes any bacteria and viruses that may have contaminated the water. The purifiers follow a seven-step purification process. It first starts with a super sediment filter followed by a carbon block filter. Next, the water passes through a reverse osmosis membrane followed by an ultraviolet disinfection column. After these four processes, the water then passes through an ultra-filtration cartridge, a silver-impregnated post-carbon filter, and finally an alkaline cartridge.

The membrane used in Livpure water purifiers is a first in India. The RO 2000 TDS membrane purifies water from any source and this makes the purifier an ideal choice no matter where you live. The after-sales service is also a factor for you to consider and Livpure offers a preventive maintenance package free for the first year. This service includes a sediment filter change and a carbon filter change. Their motto is “wellness in every sip” and with Envy Alkaline, your drinking water is enriched with minerals that improve overall wellness in the body.

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