10 Healthy Sleep Tips For Restful Sleep

10 Healthy Sleep Tips For Restful Sleep

As soon as we crash on our beds, we expect ourselves to fall asleep. However, that is not the case. Many of us struggle to go into a deep sleep at the end of the day. In fact, most adults yearn for a restful and deep sleep on a regular basis. There are a few things that can impact our sleep majorly – time, sleep environment, mattress, and more. Follow our below sleep tips to get better sleep. 

Here are super easy sleep tips that you try for yourself:

1. Avoid Disruptive Lights

Lights can potentially disrupt your sleep. Those who like to sleep comfortably in complete darkness can opt for blackout curtains. Livpure Blackout Curtain effectively blocks out the outside lights to create a perfect ambiance. 

2. Pick Quality Mattress

A good mattress of your preference makes a huge difference in your sleep quality. A great mattress should have a balance of comfort and support to nicely cradle your body.

 3. Calm & Peacefully Sleep Environment

The environment around you where you are sleeping plays a vital role in your sleep. Loud noises and light emitted from any electronic device can possibly delay or disrupt your sleep. Make sure your space is quiet and peaceful. 

4. Comfortable & Soft Bedding

While looking for quality sleep, one needs to ensure all round comfort to unwind and relax. High-quality sheets and comforters are essential to enjoy great comfort and relaxation while sleeping. Good quality fabric is more breathable and soft on the skin throughout the night. 

5. Supportive Pillow For Neck

A supportive and comfortable pillow for your neck ensures proper alignment and keeps pain at bay. Look for a pillow with the right amount of firmness and softness for the comfort of your neck.

6. Ambient Room Temperature 

You may not get a good sleep if the room temperature is too cold or too warm. Find a balance and set a moderately cool temperature of your air conditioner to fall asleep faster.

7. Introduce Pleasant Fragrance

Pleasant fragrances and aromas can help you fall asleep faster. A blend of all-natural Eucalyptus & Mint and Lavender fragrances help in inducing sleep. 

8. A Fixed Sleep Schedule

Set a time for sleep and wake up to prioritize sleep. A set schedule ensures faster and more timely sleep. 

9. Avoid Caffeine & Sugar

Caffeine and sugar can suppress the sleep-inducing hormones, melatonin, and delay our sleep at night. It’s best to avoid caffeine at least 2 hours before you go to bed. 

10. Be Cautions With Catnaps

Sleeping during the day can disrupt our circadian cycle. Stick to a strict schedule of sleep to avoid any interruptions in your sleep at night. 

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