10 Health Side Effects Of Sleeping On A Bad Mattress

10 Health Side Effects Of Sleeping On A Bad Mattress

A good night’s sleep is very important for our well-being. The quality of your sleep depends a lot on the quality of your mattress, which is something widely understood and acknowledged by most people, yet very few do something to address the situation of a bad mattress. After all, a mattress is a huge investment and a lot of research has to go behind investing in one. 

 An old mattress, or one that is not a good fit for your body’s needs, can damage a lot more than your sleep. The consequences of a poor mattress can range from chronic back pain to allergies and weight gain, degrading mental health and stress, etc. 

The life expectancy of a mattress

There’s no particular set time, but it all depends on the quality and usage of the mattress, how long it’s being used every day, and also varies depending on the mattress manufacturer as they use various materials and compositions to make the mattress. Generally, a good quality mattress lasts up to ten years, but do not depend on it. It might face wear and tear before that as well. 

Ones that are made of high-density foam usually last longer than the ones made from low-density memory foam. But on the other hand, the longevity of natural latex is way more than that of foam. Memory foam mattresses are also sometimes mixed with latex to increase their life. 

As we have pointed out many times, a mattress is a big investment and a lot of research should go behind it. If you settle for a cheap and poorly done mattress, it will not give you much life anyway. It will start to sag pretty quickly. You might have to replace it every 3-4 years which will ultimately end up you spending more money on your sleeping needs anyway. 

The life expectancy of a mattress is also affected by your lifestyle and cleaning routine. A mattress that is not cleaned regularly will have a much lesser lifetime than one which is cleaned at regular intervals. 

Livpure Sleep gives up to a 10-year warranty on mattresses, and what's more, it also gives you a 100-night free trial for you to know if the mattress suits your body. Rest assured, with Livpure you will sleep worry-free.

Health side effects of a bad mattress


In old mattresses, especially if it has not been cleaned properly, we might find bed bugs, dust mites, and other harmful microscopic bacteria, which might give rise to allergies, respiratory diseases, eczema, etc. These microorganisms multiply very quickly and leave various waste products and all kinds of germs on your mattress. Just imagine lying down on a bed of mite feces- you get a feeling of disgust right? Proper cleaning of mattress, mattress cover, bed cover, etc. is essential to increase your bedding’s life, but it is also as important to change your bedding after a time as the material starts to disintegrate after a time and becomes a hotbed for bacterias. 


You might have been blamed multiple times for bad sleeping positions when you complained about back pain or any kind of body pain. While this could be the problem, your mattress can be the culprit too. Sleeping on a bad or old mattress can increase this problem. Saggy bedding can increase the problem. Your bed should be made to cradle you at night and provide spinal support, and old mattresses slowly lose the ability to do so. For your back, the best kind of mattress is a memory foam or a latex mattress mixed with high-density memory foam. 

Sleep disturbances

Quality of sleep is very important. Even after a night of 8 hours of sleeping, you can wake up tired and groggy. You can blame it on your old mattress as well. You know it's time to change your mattress when you are not getting good sleep and waking up tired every day. Not getting good sleep affects your well-being both mentally and physically. It will also weaken your immune system. 

Promotes snoring

When your old mattress is not able to support your body properly while sleeping, it blocks your passageways and promotes snoring. Changing sleeping positions or pillows will not prevent snoring if your old mattress is to blame. While snoring might seem normal, it can cause other health problems as well and it is important you address the underlying causes. 

Stress levels 

Even though stress levels can be attributed to job tensions, family tensions, monetary troubles, etc., a bad sleep on your bad mattress can also be a problem and should not be overlooked. Sleep deprivation causes exhaustion and stress. High-stress levels might mean it is time to change your old mattress. Choose from a huge range of mattresses on Livpure's website to suit your various needs. You may also add other sleep accessories to your cart to avail of huge discounts.

Weight gain 

It has been found that sleep-deprived people tend to binge eat a lot more to compensate for the energy loss during those awake hours, and of course, binge eating adds to our daily intake of calories. For a night of good sleep, it is an indication to change your mattress quickly and effectively. 

Lifeless skin

Beauty sleep is a real deal. Sleep deprivation can make your skin dull and lifeless, and cause early aging. Along with that, the bacteria and mites in your bed can cause skin rashes and even serious skin diseases. It is time to change your mattress anyway. 

Heart Risks

You may not know this, but if you don’t sleep well, your heart tends to work harder than usual, putting your heart at risk. One of the signs may include an increase in blood pressure. When you sleep, your heart starts to work less and calms down. But if you’re awake or having difficulties with sleep onset because of a bad mattress, your heart may have to work twice as hard. We don’t want to strain our hearts.

Weakened Immune system 

Sleeping in bad quality beds can give you poor sleep quality, and poor sleep quality leads to a poor immune system as well. Bacteria and might also attribute to a poor immune system. You might have noticed your health starts to take a hit when you start pulling off all-nighters? Sleep deprivation can cause your body’s internal systems to weaken. 


This is probably one of those things that not too many people talk about-  but lack of sleep can lead to depression, anxiety attacks and can even put a long-term toll on your mental health. Your mental health is as important as your physical and emotional health.

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