10 Facts About Water Purifier Everyone Should Know

10 Facts About Water Purifier Everyone Should Know

Pure, safe, and clean drinking water isn't an easy feat to find in today's time. Industrial development, environmental degradation, and a growing population are all responsible for this issue. As a result, the benefit of a water purifier is immense to get quality water good for your health. 

Many minerals and contaminants enter your body through tap water despite being labeled safe for drinking. But with a Livpure water purifier, you ensure only clean and fresh water – free of toxins, enters your home. 

If you are still skeptical about water purifiers, let's dig into the ten most surprising and essential facts that will convince you to buy one. 

1. Dates Back to 2000BC

You may be shocked to learn that water purifier systems date back to 2000BC in early India and ancient Greece. Earlier, the methods were heat and crude straining, and now they have evolved with technology. 

So, if your ancestors are using purifiers, why are not you? 

2. Purified Water Benefits your Health 

There is no denying that your tap water or city water supply includes a lot of nasty things, including fecal waste, arsenic, lead, and other containments you don't want anywhere near your body. 

While water treatment won't always be able to catch these things, you could be sure that filter systems will. 

Studies have also indicated that higher incidences of certain cancers are because of chemicals that enter your body through water. So, the purer your water, the more you don't have to worry about your health. 

The water purifier eliminates from your water all substances it doesn't need and shouldn't have in the first place. 

3. It Doesn't Put Strain on your Pocket 

Let's be honest most of you don't have still installed a water filter at your place because of the price of water purifier. It is not bad to save money but is it good at the expense of your health? Unhealthy water means impurities are entering your body and giving rise to diseases. And let's not delve into the hospital bills you have to pay just because you refuse to install a purifier. 

Once a safe water purifier is installed at your home, you will have 24/7 access to healthy and filtered water. You only need to spend once to replace the filter and nothing much. On the other side, by purchasing bottled water, you are actually putting a lot of strain on your wallet. 

That said, many choices are available for the India safe purifier, so you will easily find one that will fit your budget.

4. Reduces your Carbon-Footprint 

Not only is a water purifier good for you, but also for the planet. 

Plastic water bottles, after use, end up in landfills or, worse, in your waterways, harming marine life. Plus, the production of these bottles uses fossil fuels and high energy. So, not only is the environment being damaged, limited natural resources are being used excessively. 

The only way to end these troubles is by installing a filtration system in your home. 

5. Better Taste and Better Quality

Livpure safe water purifier is designed to eliminate odd tastes and odors from your water. These are usually the result of impurities such as chlorine and other organic chemicals that affect your drinking water coming from the tap. 

A water purifier quickly and easily removes these residual substances, ensuring your drinking water is fresh, clean, and tastes better. 

Amazingly, the food made from quality water will also be delicious.

6. Good for your Plants 

Your tap water has other uses besides drinking, and watering your plants is one of them. 

However, seeing a thin, white crust on the soil's surface is more likely because of the minerals and salts in your tap water. That said, if your plants refuse to grow, it is due to the chlorine in this water. 

In contrast, purified water has everything your plants need to flourish.

7. Low-Maintenance 

With so many available choices for water purifier online, some assume that the maintenance and servicing will be costly. But that is not true. 

The modern purifier systems are highly efficient and prominently self-regulate, with sensors and automation highlighting when service or replacement is needed. Plus, the parts are not replaced frequently except for the filters. 

8. Good for your Gut Health 

More than 120 toxins can thrive in the water supply, including Cryptosporidium, an extremely harmful parasite that leads to gastrointestinal discomfort and poor gut health. Though your city water utilities have invested in systems that remove them when supplying water to you, the surety is still lacking. Plus, the public water supply does come with chlorine. 

The water purifier system of your home will give an extra line of defence at the essential point – the tap. 

So, when you drink filtered water – not only are you ticking off the hydration box, but you are also improving your gut health. 

9. One-type Solution Doesn't Work for All 

There is no one-type solution for water purifiers that will take care of all your needs. Though the primary benefit will be the same, that is, better quality water, each system is designed to cater to some specific contaminant. 

So, when looking for the best water purifier for home use, consider your need and budget to make the right choice. For instance, you have an RO water purifier that dissolves salts, while your UF water purifier focuses on trapping biological pollutants.

In addition, you have different types of RO, and with a bit of research, you can learn which type of RO is best for your home. 

10.Variety of Designs 

To drink clean and fresh water at home, you don't have to compromise on your kitchen décor. As luckily, different water purifiers are available in various designs – countertop, faucet-mounted, and under-sink. 

Amongst them, you can easily choose the one that compliments your kitchen style. 

Nothing Beats to It 

Water is a basic human necessity that any other thing can't replace. This further puts to emphasize the importance of water purifiers. Your tap water may be free of toxins and chemicals, but you can't be entirely sure about it. That said, chlorine will still be prevalent, bringing down the water's taste and quality. 

The above facts prove that water purifiers give you fresh, clean, and quality water that is good for you and the environment. So, without wasting time, visit Livpure today and find the safest water purifier in India

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