What is a Cat Nap and is it Good for Health?

What is a Cat Nap and is it Good for Health?

A nap as swift as a cat! Napping is when you sleep for a shorter duration to calm yourself during a hectic day. It allows better thinking and stress management. We all can feel tired and try to catch some sleep while managing day-to-day activities. The benefits of short naps are manifold, so let's get to these shortly!

What is a Cat nap?

A Catnap is just a short nap to revive the body & mind when a lot is going on, where you dodge off every day for roughly 10-20 minutes.

Cat nap Vs Regular nap

Now, what exactly makes a catnap distinct from a short nap? There is no best power nap time you can crack as it varies as per your energy levels and schedule. A Catnap is sleeping briefly for a simple 10-20 minutes. A regular nap, on the contrary, can last up to an hour. 

A catnap won't affect your sleep cycle as it's merely giving rest to your eyes in between the day. However, longer power naps can disrupt the sleep cycle in the long run. Regular naps can intervene with your sleep schedule if you aren't careful enough. When they say "take a nap", be aware of the duration you slip into the sleep bliss to avoid any sleep disruption at night!

The Benefits of Napping: Catnap advantages all should know!

-Relaxed Mind & alertness
If you feel lazy and less attentive during the middle of the day, a cat nap may bring you back on track. Generally, people prefer taking naps after lunch to load up on energy. 

-Boosts Memory Power
Sleep to remember better, now that's an idea! Catnaps can help boost your memory, and researchers have shown that napping helps to consolidate the memory better. Power nap benefits or catnap benefits are only fruitful when you restrict the amount of napping each day. Be cautious with your napping habits to avoid sleep disruption during the night. 

-Elevate Your Creativity
Creative people have zen of their own, and they like to do stuff on a particular timeline. Creativity levels have a lot to do with the naps and sleep you cherish every day. An overworked brain will never achieve good results. Improved creativity is one of the major advantages of a power nap

Are cat naps healthy? Do they affect your sleep quality?

People often wonder, is a power nap healthy? What's healthier is a short & simple catnap that is merely a nap and can restore your energy levels. 

Shorter naps are always beneficial for memory boosting, creativity, alertness, and rest. Taking a catnap would not harm your sleep cycle, and is the easiest way to relax amidst the hustle every now & then. 

Tips to Perfect the Catnap every day!

-Creating your Environment
Make sure to find a soundproof space as you indulge in a productive catnap. Find a quiet and peaceful corner, put your phone on silent and stretch a catnap! 

-Keeping it short 
The most important thing to keep in mind while you plan to nap is to limit the duration. A catnap is short, as it lasts for about 10-20 minutes. A short nap will yield all the above benefits for you. 

-Scheduled naps
Making a timetable for naps is a thing for those who have a jam-packed work routine. Taking naps on time makes your body habitual about the same, and it becomes easier to nap. 

Things You Learned:

Napping is the best way to relax! Catnaps are perfect to replenish lost energy and calm the unsettling thoughts while you try to find a balance on a regular day at work or home. Follow these easy tips and nap like a pro.

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