What are the three things to look for when buying a mattress

What are the three things to look for when buying a mattress

When one can fit comfortably in your bed, one can have a nice night's sleep. So be aware of your own ideal size. Although there are several choices while buying a mattress, these are the most common ones:

  • Due to its compact dimensions, a single bed mattress (38 X 75 inches) is perfect for children's rooms. If you decide on a bunk bed, this is helpful.
  • A double bed's mattress is 54 x 74 inches, not double the size of a single bed. For new moms with their babies, this is perfect. But in this case, height might be a problem.
  • A queen-size mattress is comfortable for an average-sized adult. These are fantastic sizes for couples at 60 x 80 inches.
  • King-size mattresses are for tall individuals and come in two sizes: Eastern king size (76 x 80 inches) and Western king size (72 x 84 inches).

How To Choose The Best Types Of Mattresses?


 Cotton and coir mattresses have historically been used in India. The downside of this situation is the hard surface.

2. Spring 

Compared to the other options listed below, spring mattresses are more affordable and have springs for a bouncy feel. However, if your companion moves, the motion transfer could awaken you. The pricing range starts at 5,000.

3. Foam 

Foam-soft sleeping mattresses are the greatest for reducing motion transmission. They have soft, multi-layered foam that is excellent for back pain relief. Price ranges from 6,000 to 20,000.

4. Foam memory 

Memory foams are a relatively recent discovery in the mattress industry. They have open cells that store body pressure and take some time to regain their original shape. It is therefore the greatest treatment for back pain, but it contains strong chemicals. Price ranges from 8,000 to 8000.

5. Latex 

Despite being the priciest mattress option, several experts advise against using it. The main cause is the existence of synthetic latex, which contains many chemicals. Since there are no quality-specific standards, we will never be able to tell which is natural and which is fake. Price ranges from $8,500 and more.

Testing a mattress before buying it is unheard of in India. The sales staff typically cites hygiene concerns. However, trying it makes more sense than being stuck with an unpleasant mattress because the shown item is typically not sold. If this work doesn't appeal to a person, it is advised to see if the store allows returns or exchanges and what the terms are so he or she may try it out at home. It also is advised to avoid choosing a mattress that is either extremely soft or extremely firm if one wishes to address any health issues related to back discomfort. One should be buying a mattress that is both pleasant to rest on and offers sufficient support to maintain proper posture. It also is advised to consult with the doctor about what would be best if one suffers from chronic backache. Orthopedic mattresses are widely accessible on the market.

Mistakes You're Making When Purchasing a Mattress

It is nearly impossible for anyone to become an expert in mattresses because they are a type of home item that is bought so infrequently. This makes it simple for many people to adopt the notion that the finest options will always be much more expensive than the entry-level versions. However, experts caution that one may not need to spend a fortune to find the ideal design for you.

Finding the ideal hard orthopedic mattress for one individual is a significant decision in and of itself. But before people commit to a bed that might not meet their demands, they may need to ask a few extra questions if they have a bed companion. One of the few expensive items that rely on sensory cues to help clients choose the proper one is a mattress. This gives customers the option to decide whether they want something extremely soft or a little harder—especially if they are concerned about aches and pains.

Going into the store to see what's available is common when buying a mattress. While lounging in a showroom may seem to provide people with all the knowledge they need to make the best choice, they will still want to be able to test it out in the real world before committing to anything they don't like. Whatever one may purchase, it is advised to make sure that it has a long home trial, says Goldstein. He further added, "You can't tell if a mattress is right for you until you sleep on it for a while, even if you've tried it out in person. Be aware that a new mattress may require some break-in time as the springs and foam adjust to your body, just like a new pair of shoes. That is particularly true if you have been using an outdated, uncomfortable mattress for some time."

The sheer number of mattress alternatives available may make the decision-making process seem overwhelming right away as if the technical aspects of buying a bed weren't already difficult enough. Researching the items and reading reviews from other customers is one of the finest methods, according to experts, to cut through the clutter.

About Livpure

Livpure mattresses numerous layers for improved firmness and bounciness. They include an anti-skid base for a non-slipping function as well. In addition to this, it also includes the presence of cool gel memory foam for temperature control. The Ortho-X mattress or also known as the single soft memory foam mattress is the firmest one. People with chronic neurological pain or back discomfort should primarily use it. The following layers are included with the item:

Depending on the Livpure mattress you choose and its intended use, the firmness will vary. For instance:

  • The Ortho-X mattress is firmer than typical mattresses, with a firmness rating of 6 to 8, because it must support both the body's weight and the spine's natural position.
  • A softer mattress, like the Vital, has a lower firmness rating of 4.5 to 5.5 since it is designed to give your body both comfort and support.
  • If you are purchasing a mattress (Regal mattress) offered by Livpure under their flagship model. It has the lowest level of stiffness, perhaps between 3 and 3.5.
  • Compared to the Naturale, the medium firmness of the Livpure mattress ranges from 5.5 to 7.

When it comes to mattresses, one of India's most reputable companies is Livpure. Although the company only offers four different types of mattresses, each one is built with top-notch components and covers. Due to this, we personally think that they are excellent for your health, including the state of your skin and spine.

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