Ways to stop waking up cold

Ways to stop waking up cold

Do you feel really cold and unwilling to get out of your blanket in the winter mornings? Mornings can be difficult, especially in these months. The weather is cold along with your body temperature being lower than usual when you wake up in the morning. It feels much easier to just ignore the alarm and go back into your safe and cozy place, but it will not help you every day. After all, we have to go about our day! 

Get rid of the winter morning cold by following tips -

Let the light in winter morning

As soon as you wake up in winter morning, reach out to open the curtains and blinds and let the natural light get into your bedroom. Or better yet, step outside your room, maybe into the balcony. The natural light helps not only to drive your body clock right, but the sun might also help you to get warm. If it is gloomy outside, you can try switching on all the lights in your room as well, but it is not as good as the natural light. 

Stretch out your tired body

You would not feel so cold when you wake up if you just warm up a little. You can either do some light stretching or some yoga fit for doing in bed after you wake up. There is a reason it feels so good to stretch out and work out after you wake up. Overnight, during your REM sleep, your muscles get paralyzed temporarily, and reactivating and stretching them releases energy-stimulating endorphins.

Power Down Before Bedtime

Bright lights at night before you sleep can hamper your melatonin levels and make it difficult for you to go to bed. The light from your cell phones, laptops, and TVs also hampers your sleep hormone production. Here is the fix for you- dim the light bulbs in your home, and keep all screens and tech away at least an hour before you plan to hit the bed. Cuddle up in Livpure's reversible comforter to keep yourself optimally warm. From an AC cooled room to a cool winter night, Livpure's reversible comforter makes you feel snuggly in the night so that you can sleep comfortably and wake up fresh. 

Eat your breakfast

Eating breakfast and drinking your coffee, tea or juice helps reduce fatigue and makes you feel fresh. You wake up looking forward to the day when you eat a good breakfast, plus it heats up your body. You must have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It actually is- breakfast sets the tone for the day and keeps your body active. 

Jump into the shower as soon as you jump out of the bed

The feel of the water on your body and the temperature difference of the water will wake you up instantly, however drowsy or cold you feel. Even if you feel that you will feel colder after you shower, you will actually feel more comfortable. You can always opt for a scented shower gel for that kick. 

Have a warm drink in Winter Morning

A glass of water or a glass of warm lemon water stimulates your body and helps you wake up. It not only helps in waking up but also has many health benefits and is gut cleansing. 

Drink coffee, but not too much

Even though coffee has many health benefits, if you have too much of it, you may feel more fatigued than usual later in the day. But surely, that hot cup of coffee in the morning kicks you out of slumber effectively. 

Apart from all the tips above, setting a routine and sticking to it helps you wake up every morning fresh and ready to take on the day.

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