Relaxing Colors and Their Effects on Our Moods

Relaxing Colors and Their Effects on Our Moods

When you think about relaxing, the first thing you think of is either closing your eyes or taking a nap. However, there are some colors that can help you relax your mind and even induce better sleep. Often stress and a hectic lifestyle can strain our minds – leaving us feeling stressed and anxious. Small lifestyle changes and even a few changes in your home décor can make a whole lot of difference in your mood. 

According to science, just looking at some colors can have a relaxing effect on us. Different colors can have different effects on our minds. They can have a huge impact on us,  psychologically, emotionally, and even physically. In the same way, there are some that can trigger anxiety and stress responses. For example, a bright color like red can stimulate your brain and make you anxious. Lighter shades generally give more of a calming effect. Painting your room with the right colors or adding subtle colored décor can potentially help you in calming your mind.

With that being said, let’s look at some colors that can give a peaceful feel to your room:


Blue Bedroom

Blue is a classic color that is often considered when it comes to interior decoration. The reason behind this is its soothing and peaceful effects on our minds. Blue appears gentle and cooling to the eyes. In the same way, the blue color helps in de-stressing the busy mind. Moreover, blue is ideal to have in your bedroom as it also prompts better sleep. When it comes to incorporating the right shade of blue in your space, stick to lighter and neutral tones for a tranquil ambiance.  


Green Room

Green is synonymous with nature – helps in creating a calm and peaceful environment. Green is both comforting to the eyes and soothing in nature. Bringing green into your house gives a peaceful vibe to your space. Almost all shades of green are calming and pleasing to the eye, however, lighter shades will leave you feeling more restful. Refresh your room with this earthy color to cast a serene ambiance.


Pink Bedroom

Pink is a soft color that encourages calm and comfort. Even though pink is considered a girly color, but it can actually work for anyone. A subtle shade of pink can beautify any room and add a touch of tranquility to the space. Pink helps balance the energies to create a relaxing atmosphere. 


White Bedroom

White is definitely the most commonly used color when it comes to interior decoration and for all the good reasons. It represents clarity and freshness. However, it can also look dull and boring if not balanced properly. It is important to ensure the white is well maintained since dirty or dull white can reflect in your mood. Choosing warmer and creamy white can be a more suitable option. 


yellow bedroom

Yellow is bright and lively. It symbolizes happiness and positivity. Adding yellow to your house will bring a sort of warmth and a cheerful vibe. It gives you the energy to kickstart your day in the morning. Keeping small yellow elements adds the right cheer to your house. A proper balance of yellow color is both appealing and relaxing to the eyes. It helps in elevating your mood and helps you relax. 

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