Netflix Shows to Watch for a Better Sleep

Netflix Shows to Watch for a Better Sleep

We're all tethered to insane schedules. Finding solace in the peaceful hours of the night, many of us look forward to detachment from the pace of our wild lives at the end of the day. As sleeping for long hours is increasingly becoming a luxury, we try hard to enjoy a few hours of sleep every night. Yet, we may not find relaxation to be as easy as shutting our eyes and having our brains shut off, too. It takes a deliberate unwinding at the end of the day. Everyone has their own method of relaxing that helps them sleep better later at night. Some listen to the radio or podcasts, while others prefer to read until they simply cannot stay awake. Those people who walk on the wild side, though, brave the intense light of a laptop and watch shows until they eventually nod off.

The key to most pre-sleep-effective shows could be a quiet, friendly, kind-hearted blandness. This means no jump scares, no sinister undertones, no gripping plot to stay you awake. These are the foremost soothing shows and movies on Netflix. Cue them up today! 

  • Chef's Table

What could be better than falling asleep whilst looking at beautifully set tables and delicious food prepared by chefs from around the world? Each episode of the series focuses on a specific chef from a country and explores their personal philosophies and approach to cooking. Each episode of Chef's Table tells the story of a top chef, where they came from, and what sets them apart in the food scene today. But most importantly, it has a slow pace and is set to relaxing music, making it perfect for bedtime and might help you to sleep better.

  • Friends

The fan-favorite through decades! ‘Friends’ has become so close to our hearts that it is almost the most relaxing sleep product available. Many of us came home to ‘Friends’ and drifted off to sleep while watching it. It also doesn’t disturb our sleep- most of us are so used to the plot and the dialogues that it is just relaxing to watch it. 

  • Fabulous lives of Bollywood Wives

Are you the one who thrives on gossip and drama? This desi show is for you! This show shows the fabulously rich and shiny lives of a few Bollywood wives who steer through the family responsibilities and the industry while living their fabulous bests. This is perfect for a good snooze- you can sleep on it imagining what if that life was yours, or maybe you will be happily sleeping thinking thank god that life isn’t yours! 

  • The Bling Empire

This is another one that will tickle the gossip queen in you. Bling Empire is the latest addition to Netflix India which is a perfect addition for the binge-watchers who want light, fun content without the expense of applying your minds hard. You can watch it near bed-time and expect to go to sleep peacefully without any intriguing questions bothering you and keeping you awake. 

  • Night on earth

This British nature docu-series explores the nocturnal wildlife on our planet through low-light camera technology. It is not only beautiful to watch, the narration is amazingly soothing. Get lost in the nocturnal world and drift off to sleep- it just might help you to sleep better and have the most graphic beautiful dreams. A good mattress and a beautiful show are all you need to sleep better. 

  • Brooklyn nine-nine

Another one of the light comedy gems- Brooklyn nine-nine has become so close to our hearts that it is just a comfortable place for us. Its light-hearted comedy doesn’t leave you hanging and you can just drift off to sleep easily while watching it. 

  • Moving art

You can experience nature's art as filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg highlights the beauty that lurks in oceans, forests, deserts, and flowers, just naturally around us. Watch the docu-series take you through natural beauties. What more, it is soothing to the eyes and the ears. You can also check their podcast to listen to. This show is what the most colorful dreams are made of. 

  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

This show is for all the cleanliness freaks out there who feel peaceful when things are neat, clean, and tidy. Watch Marie Kondo clean and organize to go to sleep peacefully- feed the inner cleanliness obsessed person in you. 

  • Firefly Lane

If you are into a heartwarming tale with a tiny bit of twist- this show is the one for you. Watch two childhood best friends grow up and grow together through different eras in this tale of friendship. You will just sleep better after watching this. 

  • Street Food

The creators of "Chef's Table" take to the streets in this half-hour episode series. "Street Food" brings viewers to some of the world's most vibrant cities, where the rich culture of street food is explored. From the hawkers of Singapore to the roadside stalls of India, each episode highlights the stories of perseverance and culture that keep alive the street cuisine of various countries. Nations visited include Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, and Vietnam. This is the perfect sleep time watch for food lovers- what else can be more relaxing than watching foods from all over the world! 

But first, prepare your bed

Now that you have the list lined up, prepare your bed to snuggle in and fire up your laptop. The things you should have on your bed for a perfect snuggly feel- a good mattress, some comfortable pillows, and a plush comforter, along with luxurious bed sheets and protectors for your mattress for all those accidental spills and crumbs from your midnight snacks. Livpure provides a space for you to get it all, individually or in combo offers. Ortho-X, a memory foam mattress from Livpure, will give you the perfect back support and cushiony feel for your nighttime binge and take you to the world of dreams as peacefully. Memory foam mattresses are known for cradling your body throughout the night, whatever position you like to sleep in or watch your Netflix shows. 


The perfect snuggly bedroom arrangement and shows to binge-watch on- what else do you need to sleep better. No sleep products will help you snooze better than a calming visual and audio along with a clear mind. Cue them up today and start sleeping better! 

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