Microfiber Pillows : For Perfect Support and Softness

Microfiber Pillows : For Perfect Support and Softness

The Microfiber pillow is comprised of synthetic material.  They come in a number of different firmness levels and are frequently filled with polyester fiber or a down substitute. Microfiber pillows are often hypoallergenic and frequently less expensive than other pillows.

Is microfiber good for pillows?

Compared to traditional pillows, microfiber pillows have a lot of advantages. They can maintain the alignment of your head and neck and are frequently more supportive. They may also be machine washed and dried and are typically more resilient than conventional pillows. Microfiber pillows can occasionally seem harder and may not be as comfy for certain individuals as down pillows.

Regular pillows vs. microfiber pillows 

Regular pillows lack a number of benefits that microfiber pillows do. They don't last as long as microfiber pillows, which maintain shape. When comparing pillow costs, take into account the cost of buying new pillows when the microfiber pillow has worn out. You'll notice how well the advantages stack up after you add this value contrary to the advantages of using a microfiber pillow while you sleep. Let's examine some more benefits of microfiber pillows.

Benefits of a microfiber pillow

1. Offers the best neck support

microfiber is renowned for properly conforming to your body and offering the best support. Similar to how a microfiber pillow conforms to the curve of your head, it offers support as you sleep. On the other hand, it prevents your neck from being harmed by having your headrest too deeply on the pillow. microfiber aids with weight distribution, reducing pressure on the neck and shoulders. microfiber also makes an excellent pillow for people who suffer from painful pressure points in the neck, shoulders, and spinal region since it can conform to the shape of the user's body and support joints. Your neck won't twist into unpleasant positions because of its ability to follow the contours of your body. If you suffer from persistent neck pain, microfiber pillows are a great investment.

2. They Have Longevity In Comparison To Ordinary Pillows

The advantages of microfiber pillows just keep on coming. They outlast other pillows in terms of durability. They require little upkeep as well. The average life of a microfiber pillow is three years. You may extend its life by years by keeping it clean and odor-free with a removable and washable cover. These pillows do not flatten out like typical pillows after use since they maintain their shape. Feather and fiber-filled pillows lose their usability after becoming lumpy, flat, or just worn out over time from continuous use.

3. Does A Excellent Job Of Preventing Allergens

This has built-in antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. For those with asthma and allergies, it is the ideal choice. Conventional feather pillows have several crevices where dust, bacteria, and other contaminants can hide. microfiber's densely packed design aids to ward off dust mites and the development of bacteria or mould.

4. Aids In Maintaining Spinal Alignment

Do you experience back, neck, or headache pain? The most common cause of this is incorrect spinal alignment. Are pillows made of microfiber beneficial for your neck? Spinal alignment is the most significant health advantage of using microfiber pillows while you sleep. The weight and heat of your body as you place your head and neck on the pillow cause the microfiber to reconfigure itself. This causes the pillow to support the lighter, more pressure-sensitive neck region while allowing for greater resistance under the head's heavier portions. Sleeping with less tossing and turning and discomfort is made possible by proper spinal alignment. It provides your body with natural backbone support by allowing your muscles and joints to rest appropriately. In the end, it encourages restful sleep. 

5. Maintains Body Cool

What about microfiber pillows? microfiber has a poor rep for being heated while you sleep. But, it is not as horrible as you may expect. The microfiber pillows from Livpure include cooling gel technology, which allows them to sleep at least 1 degree cooler than other pillows. These cooling beds might help you avoid sweating and stuffiness even in the heat. Cooling gel microfiber lets you rest comfortably all night long.

Is Buying A Microfiber Pillow Worth It?

Does purchasing a microfiber cushion make sense? If you enjoy a restful night's sleep, it most certainly is. A microfiber pillow supports you in any sleeping position by conforming to your head and neck to maintain proper spinal alignment. Also, it helps to keep snoring under control and keeps apnea issues at bay. Moreover, the microfiber pillow disperses your body heat for a cooler and more pleasant sleep. It is strong and resilient. The Breeze cooling-gel microfiber pillow from Livpure may seem a little pricey when compared to other pillows. But, it is nothing when you consider the enormous maintenance costs and replacement of conventional pillows! Although the pillow from Livpure comes with a one-year warranty, microfiber pillows can actually last up to three years with proper care. Using Livpure's Breeze will make you appreciate what a wise purchase you made.

About Livpure Microfiber pillows

On our website, we provide a variety of pillowcases and cushions. One of the greatest options if you want to buy pillows online is Livpure Pillows and Cushions. Some of the options found on the Livpure website are shown below, so you can pick the ideal pillow sets for you.

1. Cloud Plus Microfiber Pillow:

This is one of Livpure's best-selling pillows and has been designed to give your back and shoulders the most amount of support while you sleep. It has been expertly constructed from soft, breathable microfiber that is incredibly comfortable and quickly returns to its original position.

A single Cloud Plus Microfiber Pillow may be purchased for as little as INR 799. The cost of a pair of Cloud Plus Microfiber Pillows is INR 1,299/-

2. Livpure Cloud Essentia Pillow:

This pillow has a cushion-like texture and is created from loft silk microfiber, which is fluffy and breathable. Due to the hypo-allergenic fabric used in its construction, acne and other skin conditions are avoided as well as the buildup of bacteria and germs on the pillow.

The cost of a single piece of Livpure Cloud Essentia is a reasonable INR 599. At INR 749/-, a pair of Livpure Cloud Essentia pillows are offered, and INR 1,499/- will get you a set of four of these pillows.

3. Breeze

Cool Gel Memory foam Pillow: The greatest cool cushion with gel microfiber is called Breeze - Cool Gel memory foam Pillow. While you sleep on this pillow, it conforms to the contours of your neck. Unlike other pillows on the market, this one returns to its former shape more quickly.

A single Breeze - Cool Gel microfiber Pillow can be purchased for the unbelievable price of Rs 1,999, and a set of these pillows can be purchased for INR 2,999.

So what’re you waiting for? Visit our website and get the best microfiber pillows in India. 

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