how to clean livpure water purifier at home

how to clean livpure water purifier at home

The most important factor for our health is drinking water that is both safe and clean. It's crucial to keep a RO water purifier in good working condition to guarantee that one receives safe and clean drinking water. The RO water purifier can’t function correctly without paying the required care, therefore you may in a risk of drinking impure water. As we know, substances like chlorine, heavy metals, and other pollutants are captured by water filters to clean your water. You should routinely clean the water filter if you want to completely take advantage of a water-filtration system.

Here are some helpful ways for cleaning and maintaining your RO water purifier so that it runs efficiently for a long time. 

Impacts of not cleaning a water filter

It's crucial to regularly clean your water filter if you have one. You'll eventually need to replace your water filter if you do not clean it properly. Numerous issues, such as low water pressure and contaminated water, can be brought on by a dirty RO water purifier. Reduced water pressure can occur when the filter is dirty and clogged because it hinders the water flow. Contaminated water is another potential issue. If your filter is clogged, it will not be able to capture contaminants. A filthy water filter may occasionally cause leaks as well if water cannot pass through it easily. While using a RO, you should know to purify your water filter in a certain period. 

Apart from this, you can refer to using the Livpure water purifier that has a technical setting to alarm you at the time of cleansing required.

Four various types of water purifiers can be cleaned

1. Reverse osmosis filter:

The filtration system and tank need to first be drained of their water. Additionally, shut off the system's faucet. Now take the RO membrane and pre-filter out of the filtration system. Although the filter's maker should suggest the best cleaner to use, you can use a variety of cleaners to disinfect the filter. To eliminate the buildup, add your cleaning fluid straight to the pre-filter housing. Next, completely open the bypassing faucet and allow the water to flow unhindered. Use a cleaning fluid to also wash the membrane. You can finally reassemble it and use it when every component has been cleaned and rinsed. Finally, In this way, you can purify your water filter.

2. Sediment filter:

Cleaning the sediment filter is a fantastic method to increase its longevity if your water supply has a high level of iron, excessive hardness, and contaminants. The best way to clean bacteria and toxins is simply to require an acid. Oxalic and muriatic acid are excellent for this. If you are using oxalic acid, combine 2 ounces of the powder with a gallon of ordinary water. You can purchase muriatic acid as a ready-to-use solution. Take out all the cartridges after removing the filter housing. Set aside the O-ring. Rinse the housing well to remove all heavy debris. Rinse the filter off completely. Place the housing and cartridge in the acid solution and let them sit there for 15 to 20 minutes. Here you can find the best way to clean bacteria and contaminants from your RO water and to clean your water purification system. 

3. Carbon block filter:

The majority of carbon block filters have three layers. There is a solid carbon block inside them. It is surrounded by a layer that resembles paper. Water contaminants that the carbon can not trap are removed by the paper. A plastic mesh covering that holds the sheet in place is typically present at the outside of a carbon filter. You must take that netting off to clean the filter. You can cut twice as near to the top and bottom of something like the cartridge using a knife to go around the full circumference. Take the netting off. Cut through to the paper layer that is immediately below it, but leave a thin strip, about a half-inch long, still attached to the interior carbon block. This keeps the paper in place and makes it simple to roll it back up. Remove the top layer of the outer paper. Clean the paper and the charcoal core of all coarse grit by using your garden hose. To remove the paper layer from both sides, use a brush and warm water including one or two spoonfuls of bleach. If necessary, clean the housing for the filter. Use pure water to rinse everything thoroughly. Tightly roll the paper layer. Its top is tied off with a nylon tie. The extra end should be cut off. This will add 3 to 4 nylon ties. Reassembling everything is necessary at this point.

4. Modular filter:

The only thing you can do for the modular filter that your refrigerator employs is flush them with clear water from both sides. While waiting, tap the filter with a screwdriver to remove any bigger debris. Modular filters should be soaked in hot water with a mild cleaner, like vinegar or dish soap. Allow the filter to soak for 20 to 30 minutes. After that, rinse until the water is completely clear. Before placing the filter back inside your refrigerator, let it air-dry one last time.

Some important points to be remembered

1. Hygiene around the water purifier:

Make sure there are no insects, ants, or other pests around the purifier. Additionally, when cleaning the purifier, make sure to take care of something like the reject pipes and some other tubes to prevent water from entering the kitchen.

2. Filter change at regular intervals:

The most important step is to replace your water purifier's filter when it has to be done. Look for the signal whether your water purifier includes a filter indicator. Make contact with the professional to learn more regarding the filter upgrade cycle.

3. RO membrane replacement:

A semipermeable membrane is a feature of the RO water purifier that lets water pass through while removing all other impurities. According to your water's TDS level, it is advised to replace the RO membrane around every 2 years.

4. Check for leakages and drips:

If the proper precautions are not taken, water purifiers may develop leaks. To identify the source of the leak and prevent further harm to the equipment, get a professional to perform a comprehensive inspection of the water purifier.

5. Annual maintenance:

Make sure you hire an expert to help you change the filters if you want to prevent any major issues with your water purifier. It is highly advised to take the essential actions to keep your water purifier clean because caring for those who surround us and our health is of the utmost importance.

About Livpure

The Livpure water purifier includes an advanced system to keep its filtration system in check. As a result, managing a filtration system is not that tough. To maintain the water purifier's optimal operation, one only needs to adhere to the tips. 

Additionally, it is your responsibility to take care of the product you’re using. It is suggested to make a great expenditure by spending on Livpure water purifier for home.

India has the best Livpure water purifier brand to provide premium quality high-tech products. Everyone should buy a Livpure water purifier for home to get access to pure, safe, and healthy water. You can also browse Livpure’s website to get more information and contact customer care in case of any doubt. 

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