Ever wondered why do hotel pillows feel so good? Here's your answer!

Ever wondered why do hotel pillows feel so good? Here's your answer!

A relaxing hotel stay can truly put you at ease, and you might even make a note of how pleasant everything is. You might even be able to sleep better in the hotel than you do at home thanks to the mattresses' plush and comfortable design. A good hotel has the most comfortable pillows, this is because hotels tend to pick pillows that are cozy for various sleeping positions. Back sleepers benefit from the flatter, sometimes softer pillows while side sleepers typically find comfort in thicker, harder pillows. The best pillows for stomach sleepers are soft ones.

What accounts for hotel pillows' exceptional comfort and dreamy sleeping qualities? The fill material and the hotel's cushion care guidelines are mostly responsible for the plush and comfy feel of their pillows.

Pillow selection is a process that hotels invest a lot of thought, money, and work into. For a refreshing and plump pillow experience, hotels go through a thorough selection procedure and frequently change and wash their pillows. Other explanations for why hotel pillows feel so good are as follows:

Pillow filling

Among the widely used is memory foam filling which includes poly-foam that softens in response to body heat and then snaps back into form when it cools. Some pillows for hotels contain shred foam or cooling gel to avoid being too hot. These hotel pillows adapt to various sleeping positions, making them appealing to a wide range of visitors.

Geese and ducks are the sources for the down pillow filling. Under the rugged feathers on the outside are the fine, soft feathers used for such pillows for hotels. The fact that down pillows are firm, light, and soft is a great thing about them. Their high-end finish makes them a great choice for hotels.

Synthetic fibers can also be used to create pillows that feel authentic down. Down alternatives are less expensive than real down, but they are just as soft and light. There are no allergens in these alternative down pillows.

The rough outer feathers of geese and ducks are used to make feather-fill pillows. This kind of filling is used in hotel pillows. It is made of whole or broken feathers. This choice is less expensive than down and is great for hotels with guests who want firm pillows.

Sizes of hotel pillows

Pillows for hotels vary in sizes. The standard size is the most popular since it fits a wide range of body shapes and sizes. The greater options can also be used to satisfy client preferences. Hotel pillows typically come in a variety of sizes. These come in sizes between 20 and 36 inches. People believe that a hotel has the most comfortable pillows because of the size difference.

Pillows are frequently replaced

It's typically advised to replace your pillows every 12 to 36 months. You probably already know that pillows don't last forever, however, this will vary based on the type of cushion you're using. However, the majority of individuals continue to use their pillows in bed when they are no longer intended for usage.

Your current bed pillows certainly don't feel as comfortable to lay on as they should if they are more than a few years old. Pillows experience a variety of issues as they age and change. Cleaning them properly will help them live longer, but you shouldn't use a pillow for an extended period before replacing it. Because they wish to maintain or even surpass specific standards of cleanliness and comfort, hotels frequently replace their pillows.

Make your pillows feel similar to hotel pillows

To learn some crucial information that will make using your bed pillows even more pleasant, keep reading. If you take the time to address your pillow difficulties, you'll be able to sleep better at night.

1. Fluff your pillows

Hotels keep their pillows fluffy, so the best way to make your pillow as comfortable as pillows for hotels is to fluff it. Your pillows will eventually become a little lumpy from use. When using a memory foam pillow, this might not be a problem, but it does occur when using many other types of pillows.

The good news is that fluffing a pillow doesn't take a lot of time to complete. All that's required to try to restore the pillow's smoothness is a little bit of pulling and squeezing. You don't have to strike the pillow hard or anything; some folks only hit them to fluff them up a little. You'll become used to fluffing your pillows eventually, so it won't take you long to finish. If you like, you could even practice this every night before bed.

2. Regularly clean your pillows

Regular pillow cleaning is crucial for both comfort and overall hygiene. In addition to sweating at night, people also shed skin cells onto pillows. Your pillow may become soiled more quickly than you may realize due to a combination of sweat, skin debris, and saliva.

Before continuing, it's a good idea to confirm that your pillow can be washed in a washing machine. If not, you might want to hand wash it and then let it air dry outside. However, you can safely wash the majority of pillow kinds in your washing machine. The pillow may be easily taken out of its pillowcase and put in the washing machine.

While this process of cleaning is going on, you can assist by fluffing your pillow. Tennis balls in a sock filled with your pillow and placed in the dryer together will help the cushion fluff up nicely.

3. Change your sheets and pillowcases

Although your pillow doesn't change as a result of this, it does appear more comfortable. Spend some time periodically switching out your linens and pillowcases. Nothing gives you the impression that you can sleep deeply quite like crisp bed linens. You should generally aim to establish a regular regimen so that you regularly launder your bed linens. Although some people swap their pillowcases and linens every week, you should do what feels right to you. It's an effective technique to make your pillow feel even cozier, and you should probably do it frequently anyhow.

4. Purchase a good pillow

Purchasing a high-quality pillow is the greatest move to do if you want comfortable pillows at home. Spend some time looking for pillows that cost a little bit more than the ones you've been buying. Although cost isn't always a reliable predictor of a product's level of comfort, if you want to buy one of the nicest pillows available, you should be prepared to shell out more than a few bucks. 

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