Dream Interpretation - Falling

Dream Interpretation - Falling

Those magical visions during slumber which we call dreams often carry hidden meanings as they say. We have all had a dream at some point of falling, where we awake just before hitting the ground. But, what does falling really mean in our dreams?  Let’s dive into this dream interpretation

The generic argument made with falling in one’s dreams is the idea of giving up something or letting go of a trait, habit, or choice in our life. A different definition to this would be relaxing the hold on insecure or undesirable situations that might be plaguing one’s life. Either way, falling in a dream isn’t a morbid message, but instead, is the mind letting go of stressful and rickety thoughts that trouble our conscious selves. 

However, why do we wake up just before hitting the ground in a falling dream? Well, this is mainly due to the reticular system becoming more active. Here, our brain starts to reconnect with the body due to the scary act of falling. Messages from the brain now start sending out signals to the body to prepare itself for the impact one could say. All of which causes us to wake up in a slight state of shock. 

Having said that, on occasion we do dream about falling and do not wake up before hitting the ground. At times we do hit the ground and continue dreaming which can feel a bit odd once awake (spoken from experience). But, all that means is that the mind is ready to deal with certain stresses in a stronger manner. In other words, falling, hitting the ground, and continuing to dream is a basic strengthening of one’s ability to confront their fears and unpleasant situations. 

There we go, dreams are beautiful, and falling in them is mainly an escape from displeasing conditions in our awake hours. Continue dreaming folks.

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