Different Types Of Water Purification Systems In India And Their Benefits

Different Types Of Water Purification Systems In India And Their Benefits

When you are looking for a water purifier in the Indian market, there are numerous varieties of cutting-edge water purification technologies available. There are many different types of water purifiers – from basic filters to sophisticated ones that use membrane technology to filter the water first and then UV light filters to disinfect it.

The most typical types of Advanced water purification systems used to filter drinking water for homes are listed below:

1. Reverse osmosis 

This is one of the most common techniques employed for water purification in the Indian market. In recent years, the technology has become more advanced where a semi-permeable membrane is used to remove impurities, germs, heavy metals, and salts from the water using electricity. The fine membrane filter in RO only allows the water to pass through it. However, the only disadvantage is that water is deprived of all the essential minerals and does not taste great. For this reason, most RO water purifiers have mineralizers and taste enhancers to improve the water quality.

2. UF Water filtration

Ultra-filtration water purifiers efficiently remove all the larger particles from the water like impurities and germs using a membrane similar to RO but with larger pores. The membrane therefore allow small particles to pass through – dissolved salts and minerals. Ultrafiltration is capable of removing bacteria and germs from the drinking water physically. These water purification systems are more effective when used for water with low TDS. 

3. UV Water purification

In Ultraviolet purification, the UV rays are used to kill the bacteria and germs in the water. This is highly efficient at eliminating harmful germs present in the water. The UV rays are released from a tiny mercury lamp placed in the water storage tank. These radiations from UV filters kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria by penetrating the cell of the microorganisms. However, UV purifiers only kills them but the dead bodies remain in the water which can be removed using RO technology. 

4. Candle filter/Gravity filter

These filters have a fundamental working mechanism using the earth’s gravitational pull. In the candle filter, the water is passed through the fine pores of a candle to purify the water. Similarly, the gravity filter uses a semi-membrane to make the water go through it from top to bottom of the filter to purify it. Both filters are ineffective when it comes to poor water quality from the supply. 

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