5 Benefits Of Drinking Copper Water

5 Benefits Of Drinking Copper Water

Water is the most important element for us, humans, to sustain life on our planet earth. 70% of the human body is water. Copper vessel water is an emerging trend that promotes the practice of storing water in a copper container or copper bottle. You may be unaware of the fact that even in the past, our elders followed the practice of storing water in containers manufactured from copper. Their aim was probably protecting drinking water but there is more to the story.

Brief History Of Copper

Copper has been in use for over 11,000 years as historians say. It is referred to as the copper age or the chalcolithic era. It dates back to 9000 BC in the Middle East and was maybe one of the first few metals ever used by humans. History has evidence that suggests that Greeks and Romans used copper in their daily lives and copper minted currency was widely in circulation. In India, the copper vessel is the first choice in religious rituals for keeping holy water and cooking. Because of growing awareness of traditional methods of cooking and eating, copper-bottomed utensils have re-appeared in modern kitchens. Drinking water in a copper vessel is the new thing. 

What is copper water?

Copper water is not something you will easily find in the nearest supermarket or health store. Rather, a copper container or filter is needed to consume copper water. Copper is a trace metal, meaning that you only need small amounts of it. It plays a key role in multiple essential body functions, like the assembly of energy, connective tissues, and your brain’s chemical messaging system. It’s widely found in foods like shellfish, nuts, seeds, potatoes, whole grain products, bittersweet chocolate, and organ meat. Experts state that storing water in copper containers allows the metal to infuse slightly into the water, thus providing benefits to the drinker.

Facts About Storing Water in Copper Vessels  

Does copper water really work? Copper’s antimicrobial properties have been documented since history. However, with no concrete research project, it's difficult to determine if these claims are fact or a figment of our collective conscience. This age-old practice is referenced in the texts of Ayurveda and is now supported by scientific studies. Storing water in a copper vessel creates a natural purification process. Sudha et al (2012) conducted a series of tests to determine the antimicrobial qualities of water. Cultured Cholera Bacteria were introduced to water stored in a large copper vessel for over 16 hours. Sudha et al reported after several more tests that copper does have an antimicrobial property, as they weren’t able to extract any samples of Cholera Bacteria from the water stored within the copper vessel, whereas, the copper content in water was within the permissible range by WHO standards.

According to our age-old traditions of Ayurveda, drinking water in a copper vessel in the morning on an empty stomach helps to balance three doshas (Kapha, Vata, and Pitta). This also ensures the proper functioning of our organs and metabolic processes.

Benefits of Drinking Copper Water:

Balances Hypertension

What are the benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel? Copper water can help clean plaque as well as dilate our blood vessels to increase the blood flow to our heart. It has been proven that Copper deficiency can result in heart muscle dysfunction, leading to insufficient blood pumping, impaired blood circulation in the body, and incorrect reaction to stress.

Aids the Functioning of Thyroid Gland 

A tiny, butterfly-shaped gland, the thyroid, is working for the assembly of many hormonal functions. Thyroid-related problems have become quite common nowadays affecting both male and female populations alike, of all age groups. Hormonal imbalances can play havoc in your life. Copper water for thyroid functioning properly is good. However, if you're stricken by hyper or hypothyroid, exercise caution while drinking this water as an excessive amount of copper within the system can cause other troubles.

Negates Infection

One of the benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel is that copper being a natural antibiotic, water stored in copper bottles for more than 8 hours is free of all microbial. Copper has been shown to be effective against E.Coli, S. aureus, Cholera Bacillus, etc. 

Assists in Digestion

Copper helps kill harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation, making it a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion, and infections. Copper can detox your stomach, regulate the working of the liver and kidneys, and ensure the absorption of nutrients from food.

Weight Loss 

Copper water for weight loss is good as it melts away excess fat from your body. The correct quantity of copper in your body can boost metabolism, burn fat helping you lose weight at a healthy rate. However, the side effect of copper water in excess can lead to copper poisoning.

Drinking Copper Water Correctly

How to drink copper water correctly? 

Despite all the advantages of copper, one must remember that copper is barely required in trace amounts. One must also remember that an excessive amount of a decent thing could also become harmful. So it’s important to keep these tips in mind while consuming copper water:

  • Fill the bottle with copper purified water and store it in a very cool dry place overnight or all day or for 8 hours.
  • Do not refrigerate the bottle.
  • The best time to drink copper water is on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Do not overdo it anytime.

What Livpure has to offer?

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Does copper water really work? You can see from this article if it works or not, and you can judge for yourself if you really want it. And for the right amount of copper water in your body, you can trust Livpure!

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