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Making a house a feel like your home

Houses are built into homes with love, warmth, and people living inside them. Livpure believes in bringing that comfort and warmth to your personal space with handpicked wellness products. When you move into space is it important to feel the vibration of the surroundings and take in the scent to relax and get cozy. Our wellness products – Zen Mist - Bedding Spray & Zuiver - Purifying Charcoal Air Deodorizer do that for you. These products focus on health and wellness to create a peaceful environment in your home.

Zen Mist - Bedding Spray:

Enrich your sleeping experience with Livpure’s Zen Mist Spray, which comes with a blend of all-natural materials. Our Mist Spray is formulated with all-natural Eucalyptus, Mint, and lavender extracts to create an aromatic ambiance that helps you fall asleep naturally. Spray on your home linens and beddings to dive deep into sleep with a pleasant and sleep-inducing aroma.

Zuiver - Purifying Charcoal Air Deodorizer:

Livpure’s new Charcoal Air Deodorizer - Zuiver helps your indoor and closed spaces stay fresh while also keeping them moisture and odour free. Takes away the heaviness and toxins from the air in closed spaces. No artificial fragrances/ chemicals have been used. Livpure’s Charcoal Air Deodorizer - Zuiver easily neutralises any unpleasant smell and helps purify the air surrounding you, so you can enjoy the freshness in every breath.

Breathe only pure and fresh air with Livpure. Enclosed spaces like your house or bedroom accumulate smoke, air with heaviness, suspended particles, and toxins. Livpure’s wellness products help in eliminating the VOCs and create a tranquil environment for you to rest well. A calm and peaceful space helps you relax and relieve your stress.