Buy Best Single Mattress

One of the important factors while buying a mattress is it’s size. It should be a perfect fit for your bed frame, as well as be comfortably thick for you. There are many mattress sizes available readily in the market, like single, twin, king, and queen sizes. A single bed sounds like what it means - it is fit for one adult or child. Let us learn more about a single mattress.

What is a Single Size Mattress?

Understanding several sizes of mattresses available in the market can be a little confusing. There are so many options - single, twin, queen, king, California king, and a lot more, even customizable ones. Understanding the size of the bed is very important to assess what exactly you need and then buy one. A single sized bed is a bed for one person to sleep in. It is sized according to one single adult or even a child, though a child might not need the full height of the bed. Single mattresses are usually 36-39 inches wide and 72-78 inches in length. They are big enough to fit one person, and you can choose from differing lengths depending on your height and bed frame. A queen bed is supposed to fit adults, and a king bed can comfortably fit two adults and a child or even three adults snuggly.

Why buy a single-size mattress?

    A single-size mattress sits perfectly on a single bed frame. It is usually preferred by-

  • People who sleep alone and have a small room
  • It is also suitable for a kid’s room
  • Suitable to keep in a small guest room
  • Hotel rooms with multiple beds/ dormitory rooms
  • Hostel rooms
  • Comfortable in living space with a sitting layout, which can double as a guest sleeping area

Who Should Buy a Single Size Mattress?

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Medical Problems

If you have medical problems related to excessive snoring, apnea, or just restlessness, it is best for you or your partner to sleep alone. This is the time to buy a single bed.


If you are living alone and want to keep it within the budget, invest in a single mattress. It will be easier to move it around as well, and then shift it to a guest bedroom if you start living with someone.

Age Groups

A standard single mattress is sized best for a child. It is perfect for children’s bedroom when they start sleeping alone.

One of the most basic but comfortable mattresses is a foam mattress. Usually, in a basic foam mattress, soft foam and high resilience foam are used together. Other kinds of foam used in a foam mattress to make it of superior comfort are latex foam, memory foam, gel foam, etc. A single foam mattress is one of the most budget-friendly options for a comfortable sleep. The foam, whether hard or soft, contours your body and helps you sleep peacefully all night long. Livpure offers many foam mattresses in its range - the most basic yet very comfortable foam mattress being the Vital Mattress, which has a layer of high resilience foam and medium-soft foam, and it is reversible! This mattress is available in the single bed option and has a thickness of 5 inches for optimum support. The other foam mattresses in the range are memory foam mattresses, ie. Ortho X mattress, and Regal mattress which have memory foam and latex foam respectively, along with high resilience foam.

Benefits Of Buying Single Size Mattress

  • Budget-Friendly: A single-size mattress is small in size, and hence costs less during production. It is the budget friendliest size of mattress you can buy for yourself if you like to sleep alone. You can buy a single bed mattress at the lowest price as compared to other size mattress.
  • Space Constraints: If space is a constraint and you want to fit in a comfortable place to sleep for yourself or your guest, a single mattress on a single cot is the best option for you, as it frees up your room’s space for other things
  • Portability: If you are a person who has to move frequently or a student who needs to change hostel rooms on a regular basis, a single mattress is the best option for you. A small single mattress is very portable.
  • Durability: A single mattress is more durable as it only has to take on a single person’s weight every day. It is easy to maintain as well due to its small size
  • Personal Space: Why share the bed with someone when you can sleep all alone and freely. A single bed gives you the personal sleeping space you need.
  • Quality: A single mattress, even if small in size, does not discount the quality of the mattress.
  • Room Size: Single bed foam mattresses are perfect for a small room, kid’s bedroom, or a small guest bedroom. It is also good for living spaces which can be converted into a guest sleeping space. If you have a space crunch, opt for a single bed and see your space freeing up for other needs.

How to Choose the Perfect Single Bed Mattress

Choosing the right single bed mattress seems like a Herculean task with so many alternatives available. To start with your search, you have to first zero in the mattress type you need. You can choose from coir mattress, spring mattress, single memory foam mattress, latex foam mattress, etc. Choose your mattress according to your body’s needs, if you want a firm yet supportive mattress, you can opt for latex foam. Or, if you suffer from chronic back pain or shoulder pain, memory foam is the way to go. The next thing you need to consider is the height or thickness of the mattress. A mattress can have thickness anywhere from 4 inches to 9 inches. While 4 inches might not provide you much support, 9 inches one can prove to be futile and sink in quicker. You have to consider your body weight while deciding this as well, the heavier you are, the more thickness you need.
You might have a formed habit of sleeping on a hard or soft mattress. Too soft a mattress can make your body sink in far too deep and give your body uncomfortable beds. Too firm a mattress just might feel really hard and uncomfortable. Choose a firmer bed when you need your body to be supported, yet the foam conforms to your body to maintain the natural curvature of the spine. Finally, the mattress’s weight matters when you want it to be comfortable yet portable, which is one of the main reasons to buy a single mattress.

Why buy a Single Size Mattress?

    There are many reasons to invest in a Livpure single-sized mattress.

  • Available in many foam specifications like soft foam, high resilience foam, cooling gel memory foam, latex foam, natural memory foam, etc.
  • Livpure single mattress is available in three different ready sizes, as well as customizable sizes.
  • Almost all Livpure single bed mattresses for sale have removable outer covers (except the Vital basic Mattress). This makes it easier for you to keep your mattress clean.
  • Mattresses from Livpure are easier to maintain and require minimum periodic cleaning. Follow our cleaning guide to know more.
  • All our mattresses are vacuum-packed and delivered to your doorstep in a box so that it is easier to carry around initially. The delivery is also charge-free.


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