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Best Water Purifier in Bhubaneswar

    Water Purifier in Bhubaneswar

    In the beautiful city of Bhubaneswar, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water is of paramount importance. Water quality can vary, and that's where Livpure steps in to provide you with the purest and healthiest water right at home.

    Why Choose Livpure Water Purifiers in Bhubaneswar?

    Livpure offers a diverse range of water purifiers designed to meet the specific needs of Bhubaneswar residents. From compact models ideal for homes to high-capacity systems suitable for commercial use, Livpure has a solution for everyone.

    Livpure Water Purifiers are equipped with advanced technology to ensure the removal of impurities and harmful contaminants, leaving you with clean and safe drinking water. Our multi-stage filtration process, combined with alkaline water benefits and essential mineral infusion, provides you with great-tasting water that's not only pure but also healthy.

    What is Water TDS and Why is it Important?

    TDS in water represents the total concentration of dissolved substances in water. TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) level for drinking water between 50-150 is considered best for our health.

    Elevated levels of TDS can give water a bitter or salty taste.

    Using an RO Water Purifier can reduce drinking water TDS and provide you with pure water.

    What's Your Local TDS Level in Bhubaneswar?

    Before buying a water purifier, it's essential to understand the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level in your local water. Bhubaneswar water sources may have varying TDS levels. To determine the TDS of your area, consider getting your water tested by a reputable lab or contacting your local water authority for this information.

    Knowing the TDS level will help you select the ideal Livpure water purifier to address the specific purification requirements of your water source.

    Buy the Best Livpure Water Purifier

    To ensure your family's health and safety, it's recommended to purchase the best Livpure water purifier for your specific TDS needs. Livpure offers a range of models equipped with various filtration technologies, including RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultraviolet) purification, which are effective at reducing different types of impurities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about RO Water Purifiers in Bhubaneswar

    Which is the best RO Water Purifier to buy in Bhubaneswar?

    Searching for the best RO water purifier in Bhubaneswar? Look no further! Livpure water purifiers offer top-notch quality, ensuring pure and safe drinking water for your family.

    Which water is best for drinking in Bhubaneswar?

    In Bhubaneswar, the best water for drinking is purified water. Ensure purity with Livpure water purifiers for clean and safe hydration.

    What is the Starting Price of a Water Purifier?

    Livpure water purifier price starts from ₹ 7,290

    Certainly! Here are key features in Bhubaneswar related to travel, shopping, and food:


    Lingaraj Temple: Bhubaneswar is famous for its ancient temples, and the Lingaraj Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is one of the most renowned. Its architectural beauty and spiritual significance attract visitors from around the world.

    Konark Sun Temple: Located about 65 kilometers from Bhubaneswar, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is an architectural marvel, shaped like a colossal chariot with intricately carved stone wheels.

    Nandankanan Zoological Park: A lush green wildlife sanctuary known for its white tigers, Nandankanan offers a fantastic opportunity to explore diverse flora and fauna.

    Khandagiri and Udayagiri Caves: These ancient caves are carved out of rock and house fascinating archaeological remains and intricate carvings.


    Ekamra Haat: This handicrafts village offers a variety of traditional Odisha handloom products and handicrafts. It's an ideal place to pick up souvenirs and gifts.

    BMC Keshari Mall: A popular shopping destination for fashion, electronics, and entertainment, this mall is a favorite among locals and tourists.

    Unit-1 Market: Known for its traditional textiles and sarees, it's a great place to experience the local culture and shop for authentic Odisha items.


    Odia Cuisine: Bhubaneswar offers a delectable range of Odia cuisine, known for its rich flavors and unique dishes. Must-tries include Dalma, Chhena Poda, and Machha Besara.

    Street Food: Explore local street food stalls for mouth-watering snacks like Gupchup (pani puri), Bara Ghuguni, and Aloo Dum.

    Seafood: Being a coastal city, Bhubaneswar offers a wide variety of fresh seafood delicacies. Don't miss the opportunity to savor dishes like crab curry and prawn malai curry.

    Modern Restaurants: The city also boasts a thriving culinary scene with modern restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of cuisines to cater to diverse tastes.

    These features make Bhubaneswar a captivating destination for travelers, shoppers, and food enthusiasts. Whether you're exploring ancient temples, indulging in local delicacies, or shopping for handcrafted treasures, Bhubaneswar has something to offer everyone. Enjoy your visit to this culturally rich and vibrant city!