Buy Best Twin Mattress

After a long day, all you think about is your bed. And because you spend almost one-third of your life on that bed, buying a good one which suits your body’s needs and comfort is a must. Technology has brought extreme levels of comfort and usefulness to our mattresses. With so many varieties of mattresses in the market, and many other terminologies used for marketing, the confusion to buy a bed just increases. One of the most common confusion is regarding the size of the mattress you want to purchase from single mattress, twin mattress, queen, or king mattresses, etc., available in the market. Let us explore one of these varieties of mattress sizes- twin-sized beds.

What is a Twin Size Mattress?

A twin mattress is slightly bigger than a single mattress. The size of a twin bed differs in different parts of the world. In India, the twin mattress size usually means that the bed is somewhere in between 72-78 x 48 inches. An Indian standard twin-size bed is made for one large adult to sleep or two kids to sleep. It is slightly larger than the single bed and smaller than queen and king sizes.

Why buy a Twin size mattress?

    Twin beds came into popularity during the 19th century when people wanted a bigger bed so that two people can sleep together. As the years went by, bigger bed size options started to flood the market. But a twin-size mattress is still the most preferred option for older kids, adults who want a bit more space, and couples who like to sleep snuggly. It is a great bed choice for:

    • Bigger Children's rooms
    • A single person who wants to sleep more comfortably and/or has a bigger room space
    • Guest room
    • College dormitories
    • Hotel rooms

Who Should Buy a Twin Size Mattress?

If you are looking for the best foam bed for your home, try our range.

Medical Problems

If you have medical problems related to excessive snoring, apnea, or just restlessness, it is best for you or your partner to sleep alone. This is the time to buy a single bed.


If you are living alone and want to keep it within the budget, invest in a single mattress. It will be easier to move it around as well, and then shift it to a guest bedroom if you start living with someone.

Age Groups

A standard single mattress is sized best for a child. It is perfect for children’s bedroom when they start sleeping alone.

In current times, the foam mattress is one of the most popular and diverse mattress materials. Usually, a foam mattress can be made of different kinds like cotton foam, latex foam, memory foam, high resilience foam, etc. A twin foam mattress is one of the most comfortable and budget-friendly mattresses you can buy for yourself. Although its low cost, the foam mattress provides you with exceptional support for your back and helps you sleep comfortably through the night. Livpure has a range of foam mattresses- the foam mattress which is easy on your pocket and yet very comfortable for simple needs, being the Vital Mattress, which has a layer of high resilience (HR) foam and another layer of soft foam, and it is a reversible mattress, ie, you can flip it and use either of the sides. This mattress is available in the twin size option. The thickness of 5 inches is there for optimum support.

Best Locations for Twin Size Mattress

  • Kids/Teens Bedroom: - A twin bed is perfect for growing children so that they don’t outgrow their beds quickly.
  • Guest Bedrooms: - Guests are not regular to your home. And usually, guest bedrooms are smaller. It is more feasible to have a twin bed in a guest room.
  • Studio Apartments: - The small space in a studio apartment is fit for a twin bed.
  • Dorm/Hostel Rooms: - Twin bed is good for comfortable and spacious sleeping in a dorm room.
  • Vacation Homes: - Vacation homes usually like to have twin beds instead of single beds to provide a more comfortable area to sleep for a single person.

Benefits Of Buying Twin Size Mattress From Livpure

  • Price: Twin-sized mattress is a good option for people who want to sleep alone comfortably but not spend on a bigger bed, or for growing children’s rooms so that the parents don’t have to frequently change the bed with a growing child in the house. It is also a great budget-friendly option for couples who like to sleep snuggly.
  • Size:The size of the mattress is perfect to fit in small flats and bedrooms where a queen bed would be too much. It is also fit for a guest room which is usually smaller than the master bedroom.
  • Portability: The twin-sized mattresses are smaller than queen or king sizes, hence they are more portable.
  • Durability: A twin bed’s durability will be more as less number of people will sleep on it.
  • Motion Isolation: A memory foam mattress or a latex foam mattress in twin size isolates motion transfer from your restless partner and gives you a comfortable sleep.
  • Kid-Friendly: Twin beds are perfect for the kids’ room. You do not have to change the mattress as they grow up, and it provides ample space for them to roll around.

How to Choose the Perfect Twin Bed Mattress

Choosing the right twin mattress for yourself might be confusing due to various reasons like the kind of mattress you would want to buy, the sizes available, and the main thought that you can either downsize or upgrade the size of the mattress easily. To begin with, you have to first concentrate on the mattress type you need. You can choose from coir mattress, spring mattress, twin size memory foam mattress, latex foam mattress, simple foam mattress, etc. Choose your mattress after listening to your body’s needs and your budget. If you suffer from chronic back pain or shoulder pain, a memory foam mattress should be your first choice.
The height of the mattress matters according to the level of comfort you are seeking and also your body weight. 5-inch mattresses are suitable for average people and give good enough support. If your body is heavier, you should go for 6-8 inches of mattress thickness. The more the thickness of the mattress, the more supportive layers it has.
The mattresses come in a range of 1 to 10 on a firmness scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Choose a firmer bed when you need your spine and joints to be supported, yet the foam conforms to your body to maintain the natural curvature of the spine. You might like a soft mattress, but the softer it is, the more prone it is to your body sinking. Test your mattresses’ softness or firmness before you settle on one.
A twin mattress is considerably lighter than bigger mattresses, and the lightweight foam and light and breathable covers also make it feel light and easily portable.

Why to Buy a Livpure Twin Size Mattress?

  • Available in different foam types and a mixture of them, for example, high resilience foam, latex foam, cooling gel memory foam, etc.
  • Livpure offers a variety of dimensions, even in the twin size category, like 72x48, 75x48, and 78x48inches. It also offers customization of sizes.
  • Livpure mattresses come with a removable and washable cover which is very breathable. They are made from materials like spacer fabric, cool touch fabric, and bamboo cotton.
  • All the mattresses are pretty low maintenance and easy to clean. With a removable and washable cover, it is easier to maintain.
  • The mattresses are vacuum sealed and packed in a box, delivered right to your doorstep.


Livpure provides all-year-round offers, corporate offers, combo offers, and festive offers on all the products along with mattresses to make your buddy just a tad bit cheaper. Check out the EMI options available on the website provided by several banks and other sources to make your payments friendly. If you want to buy a mattress that suits your needs at a budget-friendly price, you have come to the right place.