Buy Best King Size Mattress

We have heard so many times that seven to nine hours of sleep every night is very important for the well-being of our bodies and minds. And to get that much sleep, our bed needs to be perfect. The bed should fit the size requirements, the comfort, and above all our pockets. With so many options in the market, we might get confused sometimes. There are options based on size, material, thickness, etc.
After we decide on the material of the mattress we want according to our body’s specific needs, we need to decide the budget. Thereafter, we need to decide how many people will sleep on it and what size of the room you might want to put it in, along with the size of the bed frame. With so many sizes to choose from - single mattress, twin mattress, queen mattress, king mattress, etc., more than making up our mind, we might fall into a huge dilemma. To ease this, we have set up a guide to buying a king-size mattress.

What is a King Size Mattress?

A king-size mattress is the widest mattress type available amongst all the standard sizes in the market. It is bigger than single, twin, and queen-size mattresses. It holds two adults comfortably, as well as has enough space for a child or pets. It is perfect for people who like ample space to sleep and roll around in the bed. It is usually sized at 72-84x 72 inches. The variation in wideness is available so that it fits perfectly on your bed frame.

Why buy King Size Mattress?

A king mattress is a perfect buy for many kinds of requirements. It gives huge bed space for a family to enjoy and chill together, or catch up on a movie night. A king-size bed mattress is perfect for:

  • A family bed
  • Couples who like to have ample space while sleeping
  • People who like to sleep with pets
  • A bed for movie time
  • Luxury resorts

Who Should Buy a King Size Mattress?

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Medical Problems

If you have medical problems related to excessive snoring, apnea, or just restlessness, it is best for you or your partner to sleep alone. This is the time to buy a single bed.


If you are living alone and want to keep it within the budget, invest in a single mattress. It will be easier to move it around as well, and then shift it to a guest bedroom if you start living with someone.

Age Groups

A standard single mattress is sized best for a child. It is perfect for children’s bedroom when they start sleeping alone.

Types Of Mattresses Available In King Size

There are many kinds of king-size beds available in the market based on the components of the construction, like cotton-filled mattresses, innerspring mattresses, coir mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, etc. All the mattress kinds are suitable for different kinds of needs and suit different pockets. These are the types of king size mattresses available to buy on Livpure:

Foam mattresses come in many varieties, such as memory foam mattresses, soft foam mattresses, high resilience (HR) foam mattresses, latex foam mattresses, etc. Foam mattress defines a huge category that caters to different kinds of foam needs. A king foam mattress is to be bought not only for the size and area it provides, but it also should cater to your body’s comfort and sleep needs. A simple foam mattress made of medium-soft foam provides comfortable sleeping, while a high resilience foam supports your body weight and makes the mattress durable so that it does not sag before its time. Livpure offers an essential, comfortable, and pocket-friendly king-size mattress - Vital Reversible 5-inch Mattress. It is made of one layer of medium-soft foam and another layer of high resilience foam that can be used on both sides according to how firm you need your bed to be..

Benefits Of Buying King Size Mattress

      • Family Bed: A king-size mattress is sized to hold a family together on it. You can be just a family of two wanting ample space, or have a couple of kids to sleep with, or just a handful of dogs who like to cuddle with you - a king mattress is a perfect fit for your family.
      • Extra comfort: Do you fight for space with your partner during the night? A king-size mattress is perfect for you two. Stretch as much as you want, roll around as much as you want
      • Stylish Designs: A king mattress simply ups the bedroom game and makes it look luxurious with a huge and comfortable-looking bed to sleep on. A king bed instantly draws you towards the bed and makes you want to go to sleep
      • Durability: King size mattresses are made to last a long time. They help this durability as it is constructed to hold on a lot of weight and does not sag so easily
      • Alleviates Body Pressure Points: The best king-size mattresses in the market these days, are designed to work on the body’s pressure points and alleviate pain, giving you a comfortable sleep every day.

This foam is also called egg crate foam due to its shape and form. It is usually used in mattress toppers or mattresses to give an extra support layer. It is easy on the budget, but might not be comfortable as a bed material by itself.

How to Choose the Perfect King Bed Mattress:

Buying a mattress is a huge investment. It should be bought after doing a good amount of research. To choose a perfect king mattress, you should look into things like- the type of mattress, ie, the body’s needs the mattress requires to address, the thickness of the mattress, the firmness, comfort level, and the weight of the mattress.
To address the needs of your body, you might need to look into the material of the mattress and the construction. The thickness of the mattress matters and should be dependent on the comfort level you require and the weight of the people to sleep on it. Average weighted people can work with 5-6 inch mattresses, while heavier people might need more support and can require thicker mattresses with thick support layers.Your mattress’s firmness can be varied depending on what you are used to, and you can get your needs fulfilled by the various types of mattresses available in the market. When the mattresses are firm, soft, or somewhere in between, but made from excellent materials which are supportive yet breathable, hygienic, and light, they weigh less and can be carried and moved easily.
Livpure mattresses are made from quality materials and have a good construction to make them light

Why Buy Livpure King Size Mattress?

  • Foam Specification- Livpure offers a wide variety of mattresses like memory foam mattresses with cooling gel beads embedded in them, latex foam mattresses, natural latex mattresses, soft foam mattresses, etc.
  • Dimensions- Livpure king mattresses are available in 72 X 72, 75 X 72, 78 X 72, and 84 X 72 inches dimensions, ranging from a standard king mattress size to a california king bed.
  • Mattress Cover- Livpure mattresses mostly come with a removable, washable, and breathable cover that keeps your mattresses hygienic and sleeps cool. Livpure also offers a waterproof mattress cover that can protect your mattresses from any accidental spills.
  • Cleaning Instruction- The mattresses from Livpure are easy to maintain and you can DIY their cleaning even at home easily, with instructions.
  • Packaging and Shipping- All the mattresses are vacuum-packed and shipped in a box to your doorstep. This kind of packing saves space and makes it easy to deliver.


Livpure offers mattresses that suit every need, whether you are aiming for basic comfort, need an orthopedic mattress king size or hotel like luxury mattress feels for your family, along with many offers and options to suit your pocket needs. Apart from the mattresses being pocket-friendly, Livpure also provides many discounts, corporate offers, seasonal discounts, and combo offers as well. It also provides many EMI options through various banks’ credit and debit cards and Sezzle. Visit Livpure’s website to know more.