The 8 Best Things About Livpure Water Purifier

You would have heard drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is a must. While some people can manage drinking less, others sometimes feel weak or dizzy. Only you can tell what is best for you, depending on how you feel. But you should be okay if it is between five to seven glasses. Unfortunately, water that comes to the house flows through old and damaged pipes. Sometimes they have traces of rust which can be very harmful to health. This is the reason most Indians are buying a water purifier. 

They have realized that only by getting the best purifier in India can they stay healthy. Livpure purifiers are considered to be the best water purifier. Listed below are the eight best things about Livpure which will make you want to try out their water purifier.

Reasons to buy a water purifier from Livpure

Most people agree that the best purifier in India is Livpure. If you don’t believe this, you can read the following points. These are the main benefits of investing in a Livpure purifier.

Livpure sells a variety of water purifiers

Livpure has a wide range of water purifiers. Each has unique features, but they aim to ensure you drink the purest water. Some of their best-selling water purifiers are:

  • UV water purifier
  • UF water purifier
  • Livpure RO purifier
  • Livpure Copper RO purifier
  • Livpure RO Alkaline water purifier

8 Stage Purification process - the highest purification process

The 8-stage purification that Livpure purifiers offer gives you the highest cleansing you can imagine. It has eight different water filters used for purification and is all in one machine. The filters that are used in the 8-stage purification process are:

  • Super sediment filter: The first step involves straining out any impurities and particles from the water.
  • Carbon Block filter: This filter is made from compressed carbon and is a pre-filter in the RO process. It removes any contaminants present in the water.
  • PA filter: The PA filter helps to clean the water, so it is safe to drink.
  • RO membrane – HR: Water molecules are pushed through this membrane, which removes all impurities. There is also a mineraliser that maintains the needed balance of essential salts and minerals in the body. Mineral water is vital too.
  • Copper 29 Cartridge: This filter ensures that the purified water absorbs carbon, thus making it copper water.
  • UF cartridge: Water is pushed into a semipermeable membrane using a UF water purifier.

Each machine has a TDS controller, Taste enhancer and Mineralizer

A Livpure water purifier has many features. They can improve the odour and taste of water, making it better to drink.

  • TDS controller: A TDS controller helps cleanse water with a TDS level of up to 2000 ppm.
  • Taste enhancer: After the water has been purified, a taste enhancer helps to enhance its taste.
  • Mineralizer: The mineraliser maintains a balance of salts and minerals in the water that are essential for the body. When mineral water has the right balance, the taste is maintained.

Preventive maintenance plans to pick from

Livpure has a Gold and Silver plan that its customers have access to. As a customer, you never have to stress about maintaining your purifier. They offer free maintenance offers like:

  • Free filter changes
  • One year warranty
  • Preventive maintenance plans – gold and silver

Go through the product description before you buy a product so that you’re aware of what plan it comes with.

Features of the Silver and Gold Plan:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Filter changes
  • Membrane change
  • Two free service visits
  • Expert advice from engineers

You get a free online Demo

Do you have questions about the water purifiers and their features? Livpure is there to help. They offer online demonstrations of what to do. You have to call them and request a demo video call.

When you speak to one of their experts, you have complete privacy and do not have to worry about anything. So, call them, book an appointment, and you will see the live product.

You get a lot of health benefits by drinking from a Livpure water filter

When you buy a water filter, you get so many health benefits. Clean water is essential to stay fit and well, and drinking Livpure purifier water helps you by:

  • Filter water helps to improve your digestion by smoothly moving your food through your intestines
  • When you drink plenty of water, your skin gets moisturized, which keeps it healthy and makes it glow
  • If you are hydrated, then the water in your body will maintain your pH levels
  • Lack of water in your body can make you feel weak, so drink a lot of water. It will keep your cells energized
  • Water gives the brain energy by sending electrolytes around the body
  • You could lose weight by drinking a lot of water

Best After-sales service

Everyone wants a water purifier that lasts long. A Livpure RO filter can last for at least 10-15 years. Some of the features their products have are:

  • Warranty on product
  • Annual maintenance
  • Spare part availability
  • Filter and membrane changes
  • Service/ repair requests

Proudly Made in India

All Livpure water purifiers are manufactured and produced in India. The company has numerous factories all across the country.

They have skilled workers that produce high-quality products. More than 1000 engineers are employed to help construct unique products.

Customers always come first; Livpure ensures service and repairs products when required. The company’s client base is constantly growing. There are currently more than 1M loyal customers that enjoy Livpure products.

Key Takeaways

Buying a water purifier in India is essential. People need to learn where the water comes from and what impurities it contains. So, the smartest thing is to invest in a water purifier to ensure the water is clean.

Owning the best water purifier will ensure you stay healthy. Livpure ensures that the price of water purifier is affordable. With all these exciting and unique features, Livpure water purifiers are certainly something you should consider buying.

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