How to maintain your RO water Purifier

How to maintain your RO water Purifier

A water purifier is among the best investments to ensure your family can access safe drinking water. However, it isn’t enough. As for most home appliances, water purifiers are also prone to damage and operational repairs. 

One can easily buy water purifiers. But when it needs repairs and maintenance services, many people get confused and frustrated with bearing the high costs. That’s why it’s crucial that you take care of these issues beforehand.

So, if you’re also facing problems finding after-sales services, here is how you can find which brand provide after-sales services.

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How to Check the Warranty and Service?

Every water purifier company offers a warranty. However, the warranty duration may vary from brand to brand. Some of the purifiers come with a one-year contract for all serviceable parts. In addition, they have a different 3-year free service period. 

Checking the warranty and RO after-sales service is essential before buying it. It would be best if you consider it as one of the factors in picking the right water purifier. After all, who doesn’t want to save money on repairs?

During the warranty period, the company or the authorised services provider replace or repair any faulty part of the water purifiers. They also consider changing the purifier if there are any manufacturing defects.

To check the warranty and purifier service offered by the company, ensure to read the documents or ask the salesperson directly. Besides, you can always visit the brand’s website to understand its warranty terms and duration. 

How to Place an After-Sales Repairs Request?

Registering a service request – it’s one of the most common problems people face. That’s why it’s vital to know all these details to ensure you know what to do when you need a service. Not every Water purifier brand offers the best after-sales services and allows easy access to their service team. So be mindful while buying your RO purifier. 

Some brands may offer the following convenient ways to request a service.

1. Access Via an App

These days, apps are prevalent, and some water purifier companies have easy-to-use apps for their customers. Once you purchase a water purifier, you can download it from the app store. Using these apps, you can place your service requests without hassles.

2. Use the Helpline Number

All the best brand for purifier offers special helpline numbers to contact their team. You can call the customer executives, request service or installation repairs, or ask AMC-related questions. Although, you may want to check the timings and days of services the brands offer.

3. Email the Service Team

In addition to the above contact points, you can also check the company’s email address. You may send them an email and request the services you require for your water purifier.

What constitutes an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?

An AMC or the annual maintenance contract is an agreement between the water purifier brand offering after-sales services and the customer. It points out all the terms of benefits the customer will receive throughout the duration of the contract. From regular cleaning to repair and replacement services, it includes everything written.

It also includes the service charge the customer needs to pay. The AMC ensures you get the service whenever needed and keeps your water purifier operational throughout the year. 

There are many brands that offer AMC services. The RO AMC costs vary based on the services included in the AMC plan. So, you need to pay attention to get the best services for your water purifiers.

Why is it Important to Take AMC for Your Water Purifier?

Like your vehicle or any other appliance, your RO requires regular maintenance to keep running without interruptions. When you opt for an AMC, you will get maintenance service for all your RO purifier needs. A RO service provider has a team of experts who resolves all RO-related issues. 

Here are some key advantages of getting an AMC for your water purifier.

1. Convenience in Repairs

When you get an AMC for your water purifier, you get maintenance services around the clock. They offer services all seven days per week and easy-to-access help whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about getting repair equipment or spare parts. 

2. Assures Services

You will receive hassle-free service at your doorsteps. The best service in RO has a dedicated team of several professionally trained engineers who are just a call away from you. They provide secure and top-notch services and repair your water purifier in no time.

3. Genuine Spare Parts

As they repair water purifiers regularly, they have expertise in working and identifying proper spare parts and what is best for your water purifier to work correctly. They also guarantee to use only company-approved equipment as needed. Fake spare parts often get damaged quickly. 

So, it’s more cost-effective to get an AMC and make your water purifier last longer.

4. Free from High Maintenance Cost

Everyone knows that genuine spare parts are expensive and sometimes difficult to find. However, when you get an AMC, the service provider ensures to provide all significant operational parts irrespective of how costly they are. 

Also, you don’t require to pay the labour costs separately. As a result, you save lots of maintenance costs after installing a water RO purifier in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Convenient and hassle-free after-sales service is key to ensuring that your water purifier functions well for years. After all, a water purifier runs each day 24/7, making it susceptible to maintenance and repairs. 

A little bit of research goes a long way. You may want to Google “RO service provider near me” to find all the brands that off the best after-sales services for ROs. Learning about the best service providers can help you decide which water purifier to buy. 

It will not only keep your water purifier running for longer but also give you peace of mind.

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